the movie that traumatized Sundance

Jane Schoenbrun’s horror film explores the spooky world of “creepypasta,” alongside a teenage girl who accepts a bizarre online challenge.

Horror is given a second wind, while many directors are investing in the genre. If the big licenses, and their reboot, are still the majority in the dark rooms, small surprises cannot be excluded. This is the case with We’re All Going To World’s Fair, the new feature film by Jane Schoenbrun.

The young director plunges us into the dark corners of the Internet, alongside a teenage girl passionate about “creepypasta”. For those who are not familiar with this phenomenon, it is about the urban legends which circulate on the web, like Slender Man.

In We’re All Going to World’s Fair, reality and fiction collide when Casey chooses to participate in a mysterious online challenge that requires participants to repeat three times “I want to go to the Universal Exhibition”. As she begins to document what is happening through videos, a mysterious figure begins to beckon her from the depths of the internet… or from her own subconscious.

In an interview for Women and Hollywood, the filmmaker explains “I wanted to make a film that is about growing up in the liminal space of the internet, and I wanted to explore questions about identity, power, and fatherhood through the prism of the creepypasta genre. ” Discover the trailer shared by the distributor Utopia.

A success at Sundance

Jane Schoenbrun’s film premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, which this year takes place entirely online. The spectators who had the opportunity to discover it were largely convinced. IndieWire writes: “Jane Schoenbrun understands the Internet. The filmmaker behind projects such as A Self-Induced Hallucination has found the space to explore the web world with respect, reverence and a healthy dose of fear. Schoenbrun expands his obsessions to create an intimate account of the impact that modern internet culture has. ”

No broadcast in France yet

In the USA , We’re All Going to The World’s Fair will benefit from a digital output from April 22. For the moment, no French date has been communicated. Nevertheless, if the film makes a lot of noise, it could land in France during this year 2022.

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