The murky story of a dad who married his daughter who competed with her sister to have sex with him

Travis fieldgrove is a parent from Nebraska, United States who abandoned her newborn daughter. It took 20 years for him to see her again and three years after their reunion they both got married, which meant that her daughter Samantha kershner win a bet to his stepsister for having previously had relationships with his father.

When Samantha was born in 2000, Travis Fieldgrove left to rebuild his life with a new romantic partner. However, when she turned 17, Samantha met her biological father and she was eager for their relationship to work after having suffered the absence of his father figure.

However, three years after father and daughter met, they began to have a closer relationship where the feeling of paternal love turned into passionate love. Both people started with their active sexual life.

Samantha won the bet on her stepsister

Samantha Kershner had bet with his half sister that he would have sex before her, so both competed to win the love of their father, according to the court documents of the case revealed by the Daily Star newspaper.

But St Paul’s law in Nebraska caught up with the then-happy couple and they both went to trial after Fieldgrove’s ex-partner approached authorities to report the illicit relationship. Thus began the investigations until it was discovered that father and daughter bragged about their relationship openly on Facebook.

According to the British newspaper, the police assured that Samantha’s sexual desire for her father was mainly due to the jealous competition he had with his half sister to see who could have sex with his father first.

Despite their open relationship on social networks, when facing charges Samantha and Travis they denied they had a relationship beyond father and daughter, but DNA testing revealed their 99.999 percent compatibility.

Travis Fieldgrove was accused of incest and received a sentence of four years in prison, while his daughter and wife Samantha Kershner served a sentence of 22 days in jail.

With information from Daily Star.


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