The mystery behind the death of a volleyball player in Afghanistan: did the Taliban behead her or did she commit suicide?

Almost two months after Taliban will take control of Afghanistan and promise respect women’s rights, a revealing interview with a volleyball coach who confessed that a early october it was murdered the young promise of sport, Mahjubin Hakimi.

The 18-year-old was part of the youth volleyball club of the Kabul municipality and was one of its stars. Nevertheless, Suraya Afzali (fictitious name to protect her identity) said that the family of the young athlete had not said anything because she had been threatened, so only they knew when had he died.

However, there are a couple of versions around the death of the young volleyball promise, because while the coach affirms that it was the Taliban who They killed her, beheaded her and showed off photos of her head on social media, others claim that Mahjubin committed suicide.

Suraya Afzali said that following the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan, the athletes began to be persecuted and the members of the new government would have searched their houses, so most had to flee or hide in secret locations, since they are in danger of being assassinated and they do not all have the support of other countries or organizations to leave the country.

That is why athletes fear becoming a target of the Taliban after the murder of Mahjubin Hakimi became known, as that would mean putting a brake on all women’s sports and, in general, on all social, economic and political activities in the that women used to participate before the return of the Taliban.

They don’t think the Taliban killed her

Just when it becomes known that the young athlete was murdered, strong photographs of his supposed csevered head, which would reinforce the hypothesis that the Taliban beheaded her.

However, many others maintain that the volleyball player she was not killed by the extremi groupThis one that controls Afghanistan, but by someone else or else, they affirm that he committed suicide due to the difficulties of the environment in his country and the impossibility of going out and seeking refuge elsewhere.

The local environment Amaj News reported that after conducting an investigation into the case, her sources confirmed that the athlete was not beheaded by the Taliban, but rather died “mysteriously” a week before the fall of Kabul, that is, he would have committed suicide on August 13.

With information from The Independent Persian


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