The mythical Castlevania returns but not as you could imagine, do you know how?

Whenever pools are made about the possible names of classic Konami games that deserve to be brought back to life, that of Simon Belmont always appears, or any of the other main characters of the games. castlevania most recognized, that have made us enjoy so many hours in versions of NES, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, etc. Now at last It seems that we will have something new from the franchise again, although in a way that surely you did not expect. Do you know which?

Dracula is back, baby!

Indeed, Konami, which is in frank withdrawal in the world of video games and does not seem to be going to lift a finger again to expand its mythical franchises, It has been good that someone can exploit such a video game treasure and it has been announced that we will have a new ration of castlevania, even if it is through another title that, looking at it, does seem to be his most current spiritual heir. And his name is none other than Dead Cells.

If you don’t know him, you’re still taking a while, because it’s about one of those marvels that the panorama has left us indie in recent years, a metroidvania that forces us to advance as far as we can without getting killed along the way because, when that happens, we automatically return to the beginning of everything. Yes, indeed, on many occasions it is frustrating but Dead Cells get that pique point that leads us over and over again to try until we get it.

Dracula is back, baby! Dead Cells goes back to its roots for this historic collaboration – our next DLC «Return to Castlevania»! Coming Q1 2023. Thank you @KONAMI for letting us play with your toy chest, hope we didn’t break anything. #deadcells #Castlevania #TheGameAwards

December 09, 2022 • 01:35

Now when we all thought that Dead Cells He had already finished his journey of news and DLC, surprises us with the arrival of this Return to Castlevania! The company tells us that it will be available in the first quarter of 2023. In other words, we will have it by the end of March at the latest.

What will this Castlevania DLC bring?

Do not think that this downloadable content for Dead Cells It will be an opportunistic extra that uses the name of the classic and that’s it. It seems that Konami has allowed a fair amount of that material to be used that has made the vampire franchise great. And as an example, use a button: in this Return to Castlevania! We will be able to use such iconic weapons as the axe, holy water or the famous Vampire Killer from the main games.

Dead Cells Castlevania.

The best-known characters of the franchise will also be at our command, such as Richter Belmont or Alucard, who will appear within the missions guiding us and offering us weapons and items with which to better face the task of not dying in the attempt. And all of the above, obviously, with that graphic aspect of the phases that are reminiscent of the old platform games, the classic NES, Super Nintendo and some superb PlayStation games.

But of course, all of the above is very good but does not convey the essence castlevania if not with the original melodies (adapted, of course) from the saga as Vampire Killer, bloody tears either Divine Bloodlines. This DLC of Dead Cells will feature 51 pieces of music from the main titles in the saga that you can listen to while playing, not only Konami’s own original content, but when you return to the main game world.

Don’t you feel like playing it already?

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