The mythical DeLorean from Back to the Future will soon be an electric car

If there is a legendary and recognizable car in the cinema, that is the DeLorean of the saga Return to the future. And now it seems is going to make a triumphant return to the roads in the form of a clean vehicle. If you want to drive a piece of history and, at the same time, a piece of the future, We tell you all the details of the return of the DeLorean as an electric car that you can drive as if you were Marty McFly.

Is there a more recognizable car for a geeky that the DeLorean of Return to the future? Leaving Kitt aside The Fantastic carProbably not, and now, if you’ve always wanted to take control of one, you’ll be able to.

In addition, without harmful emissions into the atmosphere because it comes back in an electric and non-polluting version.

The announcement of the DeLorean Evolved, 100% electric

Very recently, the DeLorean Motor Company brand revealed, on its official Twitter account, a teaser very brief that gave an account of the return of the mythical DeLorean vehiclebut in a version suitable for the present and prepared for the future.

With the DeLorean name evolvedthe brand tries to bring the mythical car back so that we can see it on roads around the world, driving silently and without polluting.

The tweet invites you to sign up for the premiere of this same year 2022 on its official website. There you can leave an email to be notified of the event and the truth is that it does not give much more information.

As you can see in the video above, which also loops on the web page if you visit it, it shows a flash of the silhouette of the vehicle opening its two doors as if they were wings that unfold. That upward opening was one of the car’s most distinguishing design elements, along with its unmistakable profile.

Apart from that, we don’t know much else, nor do we know if the design will have been updated to the new times or will have been preserved as always.

The truth is that, at least, the official Italdesign account on Twitter has also echoed the future launch.

This would suggest that this design house, founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro, would also be involved in the project. That would be very good news for the fans, since Giugiaro was the creator of the now iconic stainless steel body of the original DeLorean.

The truth is that the first DeLorean, despite its fame thanks to the saga of films by Return to the future, was not very successful, because the car, as iconic as it was, was a disaster. The constant problems and breakdownsadded to the difficulty of obtaining the parts to repair it, put an end to the legend.

In fact, the original company no longer exists. British engineer Stephen Wynne acquired the rights to the DeLorean name in 1995 and the new DeLorean is considered the world’s largest source of parts and repairs for the legendary car.

Wynne began making plans in 1997 to re-release the DeLorean DMC in small batches, even though its original engine was no longer available. Now, it looks like that’s settled because he’s back with a new electric heart. A pity, and also a relief, that it doesn’t come with a Fluzo capacitor and radioactive fuel.

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