The Netflix ads that have given the most talk

You’ll want to swallow it whole, Sex Education

The double meaning It is a classic with which Netflix constantly plays in its marketing, as we will be able to appreciate shortly. And without a doubt, what gives the most play for that is the issue of sex.

For this reason, in this Netflix ad they play with the words and the “You will want to swallow it whole”, which of course refers to the series Sex education that advertises (of course, Netflix) and not to another meaning.

AND this is what happened to the poster that hung in Madrid, which did not last long on the facade in which they put it.

Of course, Netflix plays the misunderstanding again. The poster was not removed because of censorship, but because it violated the rules and covered the entire wall, not having permission to do so.

But the Netflix team has a maxim not to waste even the slightest thing they give it.

Triple frontier and the Dioni

Triple frontier is a Netflix movie with Ben Affleck integrated into an elite group about to perpetrate a spectacular robbery. The marketing team of the film thought that within that team of professionals they could not miss The Dioni, the most traditional and well-known thief in the history of Spain.

For those who do not know, The Dioni, Dionisio Rodríguez Martín rose to fame in Spain in 1989 when he stole a van with 298 million pesetas.

He worked as a security guard and decided that his efforts were not recognized enough, so he decided to raise his salary by almost 300 million pesetas.

We would say that in the robbery there were as many shots, chases and explosions as in Triple frontier, but everything was much more Spanish style. He loaded the money into his car without much trouble and fled to Brazil, until 10 months later he was caught and extradited.

In 1995 he finished serving his sentence and, since then, he has taken advantage of his fame from time to time, as in the ingenious montage of the Netflix commercial.

Faith of ETA, one of the most bitter controversies

In 2017, Netflix released a Spanish film of its own making called Faith of ETA. It probably would have happened without pain or glory (let’s face it, it’s not a big deal), but thanks to the controversy, the film was talked about more than it was surely seen.

Netflix followed a tradition of its own, large posters in crowded places with very controversial references, like the one in the image below.

The announcement in Madrid of ETA’s faith

Newspapers, tweets, news … ETA’s subject matter is delicate and that gave them millions of views that the film would not have achieved by itself.

Oh white Christmas, Narcos

Netflix congratulated Christmas 2016 on its line, taking this time to promote the new season of Narcos, one of his biggest hits.

The phrase “Oh White Christmas” from the Christmas carol It serves them again to distribute controversy, first on the networks …

And then in the physical world 1.0, again with huge posters like this one, located again in the center of Madrid.

Oh.  White Christmas, Netflix ad

In the end, the ad was pulled to the amusement of Netflix, which we assume made amending purpose and promised to be a good one. At least that can be seen in the following ad of subway in which, in addition to promoting, it does a public notice service.

Netflix ad of Stay out of line for Narcos

«The mascletà can begin», Narcos

We did not leave Narcos, but their promos did leave Madrid to go to Valencia in March 2018 and do this montage. At, they play with the traditional beginning of their mascletàs de Fallas, mixed with images from the series.

It was not the only ad focused on that world-famous party, with additional slogans that played on a famous line from the film: “Valencia is respected.”

Santa Clarita Diet, devouring other ads in Times Square

Santa Clarita Diet It was a series that passed without making much noise and was soon canceled. The black comedy starring a zombie Drew Barrymore and her husband didn’t arouse many passions, but it did sharpen the wits of her Marketing team.

This ad in Times square it is one of the most spectacular. In it, the protagonist begins to eat the rest of the people who appear in the videos next door, showing a true mastery of editing.

Dracula and the Shadow Play

Following with the nifty effects, pay attention to the one that produces the nightfall in this poster of the series Dracula.

Produced by the BBC and created by the same minds as the great series of Sherlock, This version of the most famous vampire of all time is not that the public was too passionate.

In fact, what is remembered the most is its promotion.

Stranger Things and virtual reality

Stranger things He does not hesitate to draw on nostalgia and the past to tune you in again and again, but on occasion, he has also turned to the future.

In this case, to promote yourself using 360-degree virtual reality videos. With this ad, you can step into one of the series’ most iconic settings and look like you’ve gone back to the eighties without the need for hairspray and shoulder pads.

They also posted reactions from casting After trying this technique, we do not put them on because you can imagine them. They were all very astonished, for that they were paid.

The Lost Episode of 1997 Elite

Elite is another of those productions that does not hesitate to use the sex and provocation in every episode. And it gave him a good result. In fact, and contrary to what is usually normal, there was more controversy in the series than in the marketing.

For this, they resorted to the montage of a “lost episode” of Elite, but supposedly shot in 1997.

In they appear the actors, now grown up, who appeared in mythical Spanish series of the late 90s and that they were the equivalent of the “Elite” in those days.

In the video there are actors from When leaving class, Physics or Chemistry, Classmates or A step forward And the funny thing is that, after 40, they continue to be teenagers.

The truth is that they are not very different from when they were also high school kids at 20 and 30, but hey.

The Squid Game and Itaewon Subway Station

And of course, for the end there could not be more than the definitive series, the one that is in fashion, the one that has broken all Netflix records: The Squid Game.

To do this, they designed another ad, this time live and direct, as big as the series itself.

They rebuilt entire stages at the Itaewon subway station, in Seoul (yes, including the famous doll). There you could find minions of the series, the pig with the money, the lined walls and the rooms equipped for feel inside the game.

In fact, you could also play and win prizes, supposedly without anyone having to die for that, but knowing the Netflix marketing team, we wouldn’t put our hand in the game either.

It was not the only action of its kind. Several videos on TikTok revealed that, in Montreal, you could also see people playing envelopes (you know what we mean, there is no one left without seeing the series), after trying to be recruited by a person in a suit.

It doesn’t look like Netflix’s marketing is going to change much in the next few years, or hit the brakes. They love to lay mines and step on them to explode, and we fall over and over again.

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