The Netflix series every sneaker fan should watch: Sneakerheads

What is a Sneakerhead

Before talking about the series it is important that you know what people mean when they speak sneakerhead (sneaker head in its literal translation). The term as you can intuit refers to the person who is a fan of sneakers or sports shoes. Yes, okay, for some it is also the classic tennis or sports, there are many ways of referring to this type of footwear and it is better not to fight.

In this way, a sneakerhead is someone who lives by and for sneakers. There are different levels. On the one hand, there are those who only enjoy putting them on and like to have several models that for some reason attract them. On the other hand, the obsessed who also seek to collect them. The latter are the ones who can get into trouble if they don’t know how to control themselves.

Sneakerheads on Netflix: this is about sneakers

The Netflix series you should be watching if you are a sneaker fan it is SneakerheadsThis was presented about a year ago and despite not having had the notable success of others such as the most recent of The Squid Game, it is one of those productions that is worth knowing.

The series tells the story of Devin, a family man who leads five years detoxified from his fondness for sneakers. Of course, it is difficult to disengage when every two by three there is news related to this culture that has been popularizing and spreading in recent years. Mainly due to the boom in this type of footwear, which is not only seen as something that you wear for sports but as a more fashionable piece.

Well, one day Devin sees that pair of sneakers he had always dreamed of and relapses. From there she connected again with her friend Bobby to help her get hold of that pair of sneakers. That takes him to a multitude of moments and where not all have the same meaning or pose the same risk to his own physical integrity.

Luckily it is a series only and it helps to know everything that could happen both with this obsession as with any other, but whether or not you are a fan you should give it a try. In addition, while it is true that many models that are seen are invented, many others are iconic models such as the Air Max 1s, Travis Scott Air Yeezy 2s, Nike Mags, etc.

Who knows if after watching the series the lightbulb lights up and you see a business idea. But do not get into trouble or become obsessed with finding models that, shortly after hanging the sold out sign, are resold for three to four times their original price.

Sneakerhead season 1 episodes

The first season of Sneakerhead consists of only six episodes with a approximate duration of 25 minutes each. So in a matter of three hours you can finish it without problem. Ideal for an afternoon when you don’t know what to do or don’t have plans to go out.

  • Episode 1: 100% Pure Adrenaline
  • Episode 2: One Step Forward, Two Backward
  • Episode 3: The Match
  • Episode 4: CSI Sandwich
  • Episode 5: Jason Statham
  • Episode 6: Penis Photo

Sneakerhead Trailer

Now that you know what this Netflix comedy series is about, here are the trailers in both English and Spanish. We sincerely believe that as a sneaker fan you should see it and if you are not a big fan but want to have a fun time, go ahead.

Also, that point of irony about how ridiculous this level of fanaticism for sneakers or any other object is appreciated so that you can even think about what is really important to you.

Watch the Sneakerhead trailer

Watch the Sneakerhead trailer (in Spanish)

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