The new 16 ″ MacBook Pro double the autonomy in video playback

Much is being said about the enormous power of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors in these hours after the Apple event. In this case, what we are going to see is the autonomy offered by these teams in a more detailed way. Obviously this is what Apple says, we have not been able to test the new MacBook Pro presented although it is true that the autonomy values ​​with the company’s teams have seen an increase in these last generations presented. This is the case of the iPhone 13 or the new Apple Watch Series 7.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pros win by a landslide

And it is that comparing only the autonomy figures shown by Apple in the 16-inch MacBook Pro of November 2019 (which are the previous models) we see a great difference in autonomy. The models from two years ago had a duration according to Apple of 11 hours of wireless web browsing and In the case of the new models, we leave until 2:00 p.m.

But the big difference comes when they talk about video playback in the Apple TV application. Obviously this app is optimized for the operating system and makes its consumption lower than other applications or tools. The fact is that it serves as a perfect reference and this is where you can see the greatest difference, the 2019 team had an autonomy of 11 hours compared to the 21 hours that are achieved with this new Pro. Processor efficiency is key on this new MacBook Pro.

Another curious fact in autonomy is the one offered by the current MacBook Air against these two beasts. Logically, the lower power of the M1 processor and the optimization make it surpass both in hours of web browsing with 15 hours and that it is right in the middle of both with 18 hours of autonomy in video playback with the Apple application.

And another of the curious data of this autonomy is that Both MacBook Pros add a 100-watt-hour lithium battery versus the 49.9-watt-hour battery in the MacBook Air. In addition, the power adapters for these new MacBook Pro increases from 96 W to 140W of the current model. The MacBook Air power adapter also has a USB ‑ C port but it has 30 W…

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