The new AirPods 3 have already dropped in price

One more week, Amazon is loaded with apple products on sale. In addition, sold by the Californian company itself, giving full guarantees that they are new and original. The brand new 3rd generation AirPods are the ones that stand out the most in sales because they are so recent, but they are not the only ones and there are even others with greater discounts.

It should be noted that any of these products bring with them 3 years warranty according to the new law. The first is managed by Apple itself and the next two by Amazon. Thus, you will be covered for any possible incident that may arise with the headphones.

A small saving on the AirPods 3

As we already warned, it is not that they have thrown the house out the window with these AirPods 3. In fact, the 20 euro discount they have does not seem to be very high. However, it is a small saving more than interesting if you were already interested in them.

We remind you that, in addition to a new design, these have improvements in sound with a new way to perform intelligent audio equalization, as well as support for Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos. All together in one autonomy of up to 6 hours of uninterrupted playback and up to 30 with recharges in its case. Case that, by the way, is compatible with MagSafe.

The rest of AirPods are also discounted

If the above do not convince you, you should know that the AirPods 2 They also have a discount. Specifically, it is a discount of 10 euros which is even less than that of the previous ones, but which leaves the headphones at a very interesting price of less than 140 euros. And on top of that they are still more than valid in the middle of 2022 and proof of this is that Apple itself continues to sell them in its stores.


The AirPods Prowhich are the favorites of the general public, also have an interesting discount of 60 euros which, in this case, is very appetizing. All this in its most recent version with a MagSafe compatible charging case. Noise cancellation, autonomy of 5 uninterrupted hours and functions such as Spatial Audio are good supporters of these headphones.

AirPods Pro

If you want to make a leap in quality and go for the AirPods Max, you will also save money. Specifically you can save up to 136 euros, always depending on the color chosen. In any case, these powerful headband headphones offer a discount of at least 117 euros, so in any color you choose you will be saving.

AirPods Max

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