The new AirPods Pro

The new Second Generation AirPods

Apple engineers have managed improve audio qualityachieving an excellent immersive experience for users when they listen to their favorite music with the new Second Generation AirPods Pro. All this, surpassing the benefits that characterize the AirPods of the previous models that millions of users appreciate. This is so, because Apple’s constant has always been quality, so that its users can enjoy a crisp sound and without the disturbance of hearing outside noise.

One of the questions facing Apple’s sound engineers is that the bluetooth technology current in the AirPods line means that Apple audio products do not support the audio technology Apple Music Lossless. For this, Apple has previously hinted that it may develop its own audio codec and connectivity standard. That will be based on the integration of the Airplay technology that can support the transmission of a higher quality audio compared to its most direct competitors. But, so far Apple has not made such changes for different reasons. ‌

lossless audio transmission

AirPods with external noise cancellation

Among the factors that stand out in the ‌Apple Music‌ technologywe can find that‌ offers a lossless transmission between the ranges of 24 bits and up to 48 KHz. In addition, a high resolution without experiencing audio losses that can reach up to 192KHz. Although, this may require a sound converter.

According to an article from Forbesthe Apple engineer Esge Andersen who works on Apple’s acoustic team, said he doesn’t think the bluetooth technology current is a limiting factor in the audio quality of AirPods. Anderson added that even with current Bluetooth technology and standards for codec. Although, Apple cannot yet make improvements to the audio quality, as long as the company’s approach is conformist in this regard.

Andersen said that although the audio quality forever is a priority, it’s important to understand that we can still make great strides without changing the codec. The sound engineer stated that the choice of codec that Apple has today has more to do with the reliability of the users. So it’s about doing something better in all environments, to get a boost in sound quality and to be able to do that with a lot of other elements. The engineer believes that the codec is one of the limitations of audio quality in Apple’s Bluetooth products.

Improved active noise cancellation technology

Anderson, also offered an interesting look at how Apple developed the new ‌Second generation AirPods Pro‌ and how valid the sound quality. Anderson revealed that Apple has the help of numerous sound experts, who provide Apple engineers with feedback on audio quality. This is an extra commitment, to create a product that is close to perfect for the vast majority of users of the new AirPods.

One of the biggest improvements with the new second-generation ‌AirPods Pro‌ is a best active noise cancellation. Apple has designed and laid out great improvements to the new ‌AirPods Pro‌. One of the most notable improvements is that its noise cancellation technology is up to two times better than in previous models. This is because Apple engineers were forced to make this big improvement, because they wanted to give all users AirPods that are truly worth buying.

The new AirPods Pro have been redesigned for even more immersive audio experiences. Active noise cancellation manages to more efficiently reduce external noise. Besides, the Apple Spatial Audio technologytake you one immersive experience at a level never seen before. Also, they have improvements with the touch control that allows you to adjust the volume with a single slide. All this, with an efficiency that offers more than 6 hours of duration of the drums on a single charge.

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