The new AirPods that Apple will launch this year and next

AirPods 3, the first to arrive and this year

If we start with Apple’s cheapest option, we must certainly refer to the third-generation AirPods without the ‘Pro’ tag. This renewal of headphones was expected for the month of March but due to the current situation Apple it has been forced to delay them until the end of the year. This date has been discussed for weeks, but a recent report published by DigiTimes reinforces this information. Specifically, they point out that seven Apple suppliers would already be sending circuit boards for the assembly of these new headphones.

But what really matters in this case are the features that would be included in the AirPods 3. Regarding the Apple design I would bet on ‘copying’ the AirPods Pro. In this way, cheaper headphones would be given a more renewed vision and, above all, the size would be reduced. Right now the AirPods 2 has a stick that is too pronounced and it has been clearly seen that it is not necessary to maintain performance in terms of the microphone. This will make transporting it much easier in a bag or in your own pocket.

airpods 3

But although aesthetically they resemble the AirPods Pro, you should expect a cut in benefits to keep the price low. By this we mean that the AirPods 3 would not have in any case active noise cancellation as if it has the Pro model. This is something that could be expected since in this class of headphones it has never been integrated. In addition, you would not have the pads of the Pro models either. Regarding the announcement, it is not known if it will be made through a press release or at an end-of-year event. And the price that it would have is not known, although surely they may be committed to maintaining the price of the entire previous line.

Will we see a renewal of the AirPods Pro?

The most remarkable headphones from Apple today are the AirPods Pro. Thanks to its noise cancellation, it has managed to win the favor of users in a very simple way despite the fact that they do not have an economic price. Fans of this product are already waiting for a second generation, and although not much has been said about its new features, Apple would be reserving it for the year 2022. They may end up offering better noise cancellation or a different design that can be better suited to all ears.

And what about the AirPods Max?

Another of the great Apple headphones are the AirPods Max that were recently released. Throughout 2021, obviously no major announcements are expected regarding these on-ear headphones. If Apple has something planned in its improvements, it will be saved for 2022 or even 2023. Being a premium team and designed for professionals, especially for the price it has, it will not be renewed on an annual basis. Of course, some analysts have stated that they could reach new colors, but always to the current version, which would make it a decaffeinated renewal for not bringing internal improvements.

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