The new Amazfit headphones will take care of your posture when using them

Headphones that take care of your health

So far, the maximum that most headphones that exist on the market have reached when it comes to improving the health of users was to control the maximum volume level at which the contents are reproduced.

However, it seems that this was not enough for Amazfit and they have just presented headphones that could be a preview of a future trend. Because these Amazfit PowerBuds Pro have the ability to monitor the user’s exercise and even their posture.

Yes, it may seem a bit science fiction, but it really is not as complex as it might initially appear. Although you also have to be aware that everything will have certain limitations compared to other specific devices, but let’s go by parts.

The new ones Amazfit PowerBuds Pro They are headphones that include a series of sensors that will allow things like controlling the heart rate or posture. The first will be done in a similar way to how other devices such as smart watches or activity bracelets do. And for the second, more or less the same, by surely using gyroscopes you could identify if the posture is correct.

With all this data, it could analyze the activity that is being carried out to keep track and even be able to send alerts or reminders so that you can check if you are in the correct posture for the activity you perform. Information that despite not being one hundred percent accurate is sure to be useful for you to do your part and solve.

Active noise cancellation and other features

Logically, having headphones to control the heart rate and posture alone is not attractive enough to bet on them compared to other options. That is why Amazfit also adds other interesting and more demanded features by users.

These are the most important features of these PowerBuds Pro:

  • They are True Wireless type headphones with an in-ear design and sticks similar to those of the AirPods Pro that include a touch control system with which to activate or not noise cancellation, control playback, etc.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is used to pair the headphones with the phone or other device. It also supports Google’s fast pairing system, which facilitates its use with mobile devices.
  • The charging case includes a USB C connector and together with it a battery that allows to extend the total autonomy through several charges in up to 19 hours if the ANC system is used and up to 30 hours if not
  • The autonomy of the headphones by themselves is 5.45 hours with ANC (active noise cancellation system) and about 9 when it is deactivated
  • They are headphones with IP55 resistance, so you can use them to do sports without fear of sweat or other adverse conditions

  • Features: Noise Cancellation, Heart Rate Sensor, Posture Control, Google Assistant Support, Touch Control, Google Quick Pairing
  • Price: $ 150

As you can see, the product in general is quite striking and comes with some important details in order to be a more attractive option than those of other manufacturers. Whether it is enough or not will be seen, above all it will be necessary to test how this posture recognition system works and to what extent it is really effective or not. But they don’t seem like a bad option at all if you’re looking for TWS headphones that offer something more.

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