The new AMD CPUs could have up to 24 cores, or GPUs like Intel!

The blow that AMD is going to suffer with the latest from Intel seems to be largely mitigated with the so-called new Zen3D or Zen 3+ CPUs, but at the same time and with a few months of GAP it could have its new architecture and socket ready. If the information is reliable and everything indicates it, what is AMD planning with Raphael? Or is it part of Rembrandt?

Changes in the timing of AMD and its roadmap for AM5?

We cannot affirm anything, the rumors do not give conclusive information either, there is no evidence on the table, so we are going to enter (if we have not already done so) in the field of pure speculation, so as always take a little salt and go for it. AMD is somewhat behind in its entire range of CPUs in terms of its releases.

It’s only a few months that is true, but according to the leaked Cezanne roadmap (5000G series APUs) it should have arrived at the end of last year and Warhol as such has to arrive before the end of this. As the GIGABYTE information refers to AM5 and not AM4 we have to talk about the following code names: Raphael and Rembrandt (the latter practically ruled out, but plausible).

When asked why, the answer is obvious, Raphael will come from the hand of Zen 4 and in the second case with Rembrandt it is speculated that it will be a new update for the 5000G series APUs that have just been released. But looking at the dates and goodbye to AM4 for 2022, won’t these APUs arrive in AM5 to compete with Intel? In theory, this would be the Phoenix architecture, but it would come too late, like the Ryzen 5000G right now.

More cores or an iGPU, or maybe both?

With this clear and purely speculative (the top image was all there was in March), several possibilities open: Raphael under Zen 4 and AM5 will have an extra IOD that will be an iGPU in the purest Intel style. Why? Well, because AMD would be willing to liquidate its APUs in not too long, competing with its rival in its own field based on CPUs with state-of-the-art iGPUs.

This makes sense and rumors have been heard before, but there is also another rumor in the air, and it is nothing more than a third CCD instead of an IO Die. If GIGABYTE is wrong, we could be facing a third CCD, which would mean one or more CPUs of up to 24 cores and possibly 20 cores.

The problem with this rumor is that there are others currently circulating where it is stated that AMD would not increase the number of cores with Zen 4, that is, the current 16 cores would remain as the top of the range in Mainstream. This has another variable if it is confirmed, and that is that the IO Die could be as such, the best AM5 CPU to maintain the 16 cores and use said silicon to improve performance with an AMD GPU as a specific intermediate cache, boosting performance of the new RDNA 3 GPUs as a kind of Infinity Cache with a single purpose.

Logically this opens a huge number of doors, pure speculation as well, but this is what is on the table at the moment. We will continue to inform.

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