The new Apple Watch Ultra could have a release date

The Apple Watch Ultra has been a device that has surprised everyone, in the same way that it has also raised many opinions, both good and bad. Well, Apple continues with the development of this equipment to launch the second version of it, and according to some rumors the launch date could already be set. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

We cannot say that the Apple Watch Ultra has been a revolution, far from it, but it is true that Apple has managed to find an audience that demanded something different in a smart watch. Although it is true that it is the first version and it has points to improve, especially taking into account the sports audience to which it is aimed, it is a truly remarkable device, with enviable features.

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News and launch of the next Apple Watch Ultra

Now, Apple is obviously not going to stop there and is already developing the next version that, at the moment, does not have a specific name. What is known is that the screen of this second Apple Watch Ultra will be different from the current onesince according to the rumors it will have the microLED technology. In addition, just this Apple Watch Ultra could serve Apple as a guinea pig since it would be the company’s first device to have this technology, with the obvious objective of continuing to extend it to other Apple products such as the iPhone, the iPad or the Macs.

This rumour, which is not new, has been brought back on the table thanks to a Taiwanese publication from the DigiTimes supply chain, and only confirms the information that other analysts such as Mark Gurman and Ross Young had already reported in previous reports. occasions. In addition, they also report how expensive it is to develop this type of screenssomething that Apple has been working on since in 2014 it acquired the company LuxVue, which is located in California.

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What is not clear is the release date of this new Apple Watch Ultra, and it is that, not only the hype is to know this device, but as we have commented previously, Apple has put the starting gun in this future watch to implement MicroLED technology in the rest of the devices of the company. Initially it had been marked 2024 as the year for the launch, however, other rumors indicate that, although Apple has not ruled out this date, it is also considering the 2025. What is clear is that MicroLED technology will sooner or later reach Apple devices, and this is undoubtedly great news, since the user experience offered by devices with the apple logo will be more pleasant if fits, considering that it is already really good.

Of course, as we always say, this is nothing more than rumors, that is, Apple has neither confirmed nor denied anything, so in the end it only remains to be aware of the news that is coming out in this regard to be able to communicate it to us as soon as possible. so that you are always aware of everything that is coming within the world of Apple.

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