The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 seems to be coming to Steam

There is still time to launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it is scheduled for next October 28 of this year. However, Activision is doing everything possible to make this release a lot of talk, and there is not a week that we do not know a new detail about this title. The latest news that we have known this week is that the video game could reach exit on Steam. Will this have something to do with the Microsoft purchase?

A screenshot seems to indicate that Modern Warfare 2 will be on Steam

The players of Call of Duty have all their hopes pinned on Modern Warfare 2the sequel to reboot that Infinity Ward and Activision launched in 2019. It is also a key release for the studio, which they need to surprise with this one. shooter to recover the ground lost during all these years against the battle royale of the competition.

A few days ago, a publication from a well-known leaker in the video game world anticipated the new game mode that the title would have, which would be inspired by Escape from Tarkov. And today, a Reddit user has discovered a clue that could anticipate that this new title could be released on steam for PC gamers.

The latest Call of Duty titles have been released on, the official Activision Blizzard launcher. It’s been a little over five years since these video games have been exclusive on that platform, and Valve has had to stay out of it.

End of exclusivity?

Now a screenshot could be the clue that things are going to change for Call of Duty. According to Kalinina Reddit user, Steam has missed a artwork of Modern Warfare 2 in his shop. The image could be seen for a few minutes on the product page of some DLC of the franchise, such as Black Ops 3. After the publication in the forum, Steam quickly removed the image, replacing it with a blank image. Luckily, some Reddit users arrived in time to confirm the leak, so this is not a setup, but a mistake on Valve’s part.

Neither Activision nor Valve have spoken of this fact, so it is still early to draw conclusions. Nor can it be ruled out that it is a weather balloonand it is that after this small leak, there are many users who have already openly stated that they would prefer to buy the game through Steam, since they consider to be a platform that is too intrusive and unnecessary.

For now, we will have to wait. With complete certainty, this June we will see the first trailer, which we imagine will be accompanied by some gameplay. It will be there when we can begin to draw conclusions and finish confirming if the title will return to as before, or if it will also be published on Steam as it was a few years ago. What is clear is that Activision needs this game to be a success, and a change in distribution strategy could make it easier for more players to be interested in returning to Call of Duty.

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