The new Chrome Web Store badges will reward the best extensions

Google has announced changes to the Chrome Web Store that will make it easier to discover the best extensions and will also limit those that are still trying to add malicious content, are fraudulent or outright malware.

Although there are good alternatives in web browsing, there are still plenty of reasons to use Chrome as your primary browser. Based on Chromium, it’s fast, secure, and standards-compliant, while extensions are another of its strong point. Accessible from the centralized Chrome Web Store site that includes applications, themes and these plugins, they allow you to add new features or capabilities to a browser (or improve existing ones) or customize it to improve the user experience. All browsers support them, but no one has as many as Chrome.

And from there derives the Difficulty finding the best or most useful extensions among the thousands and thousands out there, especially if you have a specific use case in mind. And guarantee that they are safe, since cybercriminals have used them as the preferred means to spy, steal data or install malware of all kinds. Also that they include a privacy policy or that they simply work correctly, because as in any massive group of applications there is a lot of garbage in the middle of other excellent ones that are essential to us.

New Chrome Web Store Badges

Google has announced two new “badges” that should improve the commented sections. The first is a “Featured” badge, which will add a special marker to any plugin that meets Google’s user experience and design standards. The tag will not be assigned randomly or algorithmically, but will be tested and evaluated by members of the official Chrome team.

The badge will appear below each plugin’s name and will have a “Learn More” link when you hover your mouse cursor over the icon. This badge must guarantee the quality of the development, its usefulness, the best practices, its good maintenance and, of course, be free of any malicious content. Although you will surely search for and use others that will not be highlighted by Google, their identification will be useful.

The second of the insignia bears the name of “Publisher established” and it applies to developers and not individual extensions. It is an award for developers working in the Chrome Web Store who have verified their identity with Google, have followed established developer policies on design, privacy, security, and user experience, and have maintained a “positive track record with Google services«.

New Chrome Web Store Badges Will Reward Top 29 Extensions

This badge will be assigned by Google, but any developer who uploads extensions to the platform can also request it using this form. It does not directly affect the user, but like the previous one, it should also improve the search for the best developments for the final consumer. And limit malicious content, something Google has been working on for years, but which, like other Google Play Stores, is difficult to eradicate on such a complex platform.

The new badges have already been implemented and should start working from this week.

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