The new Debian 12 arrives in a few days, but its developers have a big problem

The release of a new version of Debian is always cause for celebration. This is one of the most important Linux distros that we can find on the web, and seeing how it is evolving is, without a doubt, great news. In less than a week, one of the most anticipated versions of this distro will arrive, the new Debian 12, known as “Bookworm”. Of course, several black clouds hang over this expected release, since there is a problem that greatly worries the community.

Although not the best known Debian is one of the best Linux distros that we can find in the market. And, furthermore, its existence is vital, since many others, like Ubuntu, are based directly on it. The Debian community offers us a totally free Linux, with outstanding maintenance, great security and excellent performance, all within a clear, simple interface and a large amount of documentation on the web.

Debian has two development branches. On the one hand, we have the stable branch, which uses a semi-rolling release update model, and which guarantees us to always have the best possible performance. And, secondly, we have the “testing” branch, always up to date, with its rolling release updates, perfect for testing the latest versions before others, at the risk of running into bugs and problems.

Select language when installing Debian 12

Users of the stable branch are in luck, as the next June 10th The long-awaited update to Debian 12 arrives. We remind you that version 11 arrived in August 2021, so, after a long wait, you will finally be able to update your computers to the new version and enjoy all the news of “Bookworm”.

Of course, it will not be a precisely calm launch.

Still has over 100 known bugs to fix

It seems that the Debian developers have gotten a bit caught up in the bull. Despite having had enough time to prepare for the release, and fix all the bugs to honor one of its features (stability), it seems that the new Debian 12 is not going to arrive as expected.

And it is that the developers assure that there are still about 100 known bugs in the Release Candidate pending to be solved. However, the fixes for these bugs are not ready yet, and therefore the Debian development team has no choice but to release the new version with these pending bugs. Of course, they promise that all, or almost all, will appear in the release notes, so that if any user may be affected by them, they better wait.

Debian 12.1 in July: better to wait

Initially, after the release of the final version, the first update for this version is scheduled to arrive next month: Debian 12.1. This one, finally, will correct all these errors so that we can have the system that we all expected, even if it is a month later.

In any case, if none of the 100 errors that are going to remain pending affect us, we can update to the new Debian 12 on the day it is released (remember, June 10) and start enjoying its news.

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