the new French digital health record

The health crisis has demonstrated that the needs in terms of health are immense, and that digital technology could be part of the solution. This is why each French person will benefit from a secure online health space.

It’s a huge internet project for the state. “My health space” will be officially open by the end of March, even if it is already possible to create an account there. This is a new attempt to create a digital health book, while the previous ones all more or less failed, at least they did not give all the expected results.

Work on ergonomics and safety

This online health space will offer several services, first to store documents securely in its “health profile”. This is not new, it has already been tried in the past, but the ergonomics have been reworked as has the accessibility: a mobile application is thus planned, it should be released in the spring. The Ministry of Health is planning an agenda and will also offer a selection of certified applications in a second phase.

The space also contains the medical profile of the insured: the latter can add information on their illnesses and health issues, their treatments, allergies and vaccinations. He will also be able to link the profiles of his children.

That’s not all. The range of services offered by “My health space” is enhanced by instant messaging with your doctor. A way to prevent conversations and confidential information from ending up in the wild after a private platform is hacked. No computer system being infallible, it will be necessary to put the means to fully secure this new portal. As for the data (hosted in France), they will not be accessible to anyone, except the insured of course.

For the government, an important point is to encourage the French to register on this health space. 65 million letters (papers and e-mails) will be sent by the end of March to inform the insured. (Valium) They can refuse to create an account, but without a response from them, the profile will be created.

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