The new functions for your iPhone already have a release date

Yesterday was not just any Tuesday, and Apple made sure that it was. The latest beta of iOS 16.4 is already among all users and that makes it very clear what is the date chosen by Apple to officially launch a version that many users are looking forward to. If you want to know all the information about it, keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

as we said, Tuesdays can be wonderfuland it is that it is usually the day of the week chosen by Apple to release many of their operating system versions in beta. Taking into account that iOS 16.4 and the rest of the versions that accompany it are already in a final development process, it was a matter of time before Apple will release the RC betawhich is the latest version that the Cupertino company provides developers to verify that everything is in perfect condition and that the launch of the final version can be carried out with guarantees, also leaving many clues as to when it will take place .

iPhone 14 screen

This is the iOS 16.4 release date

Taking into account that the RC beta was launched yesterday Tuesday for all developers and users who are registered in Apple’s beta program, the usual thing would be that next week, either Monday or Tuesday, The Cupertino company officially launches iOS 16.4 and the rest of the versions such as iPadOS 16.4, macOS Ventura 13.3 and watchOS 9.3.2, with all the news that they bring now available.

As we have been telling you throughout the entire development process of these operating systems, at this point in the year Apple does not usually introduce many new features, and in the end, the most striking always usually comes in the first two or three versions. , as has happened with iOS 16.4. However, there are noteworthy news that, of course, users like the new smileysthe push notifications for the webor even the new Apple Music Classical app that will see the light with this new version on March 28. Also, we remind you that this new Music app is fully included in the Apple Music subscription, so no one who is a subscriber to this Apple service will have to pay a penny more to enjoy it.

apple music classical interface

Of course, when updating your device when Apple releases the final versions next week, you have to take into account a series of tips, so that the process is carried out in the best possible way. The first of them is that you are not in a hurry to update, and look for a moment in which you can be calm or calm at home, since in the end depending on the demand there is, the update may take more or less to be carried out. In line with this, we also recommend that you have a good internet connection, since that will also affect, of course, its download speed. Another very important advice that you have to take into account is the fact of making a backup before updatesince nothing almost ever happens, but during the update it can happen that information is lost, although we already told you, it practically never happens.

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