The new Horizon Forbidden West DLC has a mode for those who suffer from thalassophobia

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

The new one is now available DLC (paid) that will expand the story of Horizon Forbidden West. Called Burning Shores, in this new adventure Aloy will travel to the south of the Lands of the Tenakth Clans, where we will get to know the Quen tribe in detail. There, a large part of the missions will be carried out underwater, and due to this environment, the Guerrilla guys have decided to include a rather peculiar adjustment to the game.

Afraid of water? Don’t worry

The thalassophobia it is a fear of the ocean or the deep sea that some people suffer from. This phobia prevents the sufferer from throwing himself in the middle of the sea or diving in depths, since he is afraid of drowning or of not knowing what exactly is hidden meters deep. It is not fear of water as such, but of its immensity. And of course, in Burning Shores we’re going to be doing a lot of diving, and we’re going to have to take Alloy to some pretty hidden corners deep off the California coast.

Does this mean that players with thalassophobia will not be able to play the game? Not at all. The solution comes to the hands of the developers themselves, who have wanted to include this accessibility adjustment that will allow some aids to be activated to avoid that feeling of infinite depth that would overwhelm those affected.

How does it work?

As you can see in the video below, the adjustment is in charge of mapping the seabed and the areas close to Aloy, so that the player can see at all times that the seabed has its limits. It is a pink texture that appears progressively and does not bother the visual aspect of the game too much.

In addition, the player has infinite oxygen, so the character will not have to worry about floating up for air at any time, something that will also reassure the players.

How to Activate Thalassophobia Mode in Horizon Burning Shores

For this new option to be available in the game’s accessibility menu, you must update the game to version 1.21, since this last patch is the one that includes the new option. You should also keep in mind that Burning Shores will not be available until you complete the Horizon Forbidden West campaign or at least reach the “Singularity” level.

With that completed, Aloy will receive a call in the Focus that will lead to the new DLC content. The new downloadable content can be purchased right now through the PSN Store at a price of €19.99and it is only available for PS5.

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