The new Ikea Starkvind air purifier surprises with its shape

IKEA’s new air purifier is shaped like a side table

Air purifiers provide health benefits for the user by improving the quality of the air you breathe. For that reason and because it might be able to compete attractively on price issues IKEA launched its first purifier just a few months ago.

We could already test that first model called Förnuftig from IKEA and it seemed to us an attractive solution that certainly contributed or could bring benefits to users with certain allergies or who simply were concerned about the quality of the air they breathe in general and within their homes in particular. .

Well, if that first model was attractive for different reasons, it must also be recognized that it had some shortcomings. From there and from what will surely have been a good reception is what this new proposal from IKEA called Starkvind.

To begin with, it must be said that at the level of air purification capabilities this new IKEA air purifier is practically identical. Count with one system consisting of up to three filters that are capable of filtering different types of particles, being those of up to 2.5 micrometers the smallest. But it also allows filtering bad odors or other polluting elements, so nothing bad.

Regarding the differences, these come from the hand of the integration within the smart home and the design. The latter being an interesting aspect that shows that interest in decoration that the company shows in almost all its products. After all, that was the essence of the company.

The new Starkvind air purifiers from IKEA can be used both as a side table and in a traditional way, like the Förnufitg already discussed. With the first option it will be much easier to integrate the purifier in a living room or small room where we want to take advantage of every square inch. On the other hand, with the look of the first model, the basic option could be ideal for a bedroom, office, etc.

Regarding the functionalities, with five speeds of rotation, the most striking thing is the compatibility with the Trådfri system. Thanks to this, it can be controlled through the IKEA mobile application and even through voice assistants thanks to its integration with other platforms such as HomeKit, Alexa or Google Assistant. Of course, the IKEA bridge will be required for this.

Price and availability

As of October they will be available in black and whiteAs it has become customary for the manufacturer with its latest products, the most important thing for many will be the price.

These two purifiers will have a significantly higher price than the previous one, something logical if you take into account the integration within the digital home or that very particular design of the model capable of acting as a side table.

Thus, the Starkvind model in the form of a side table would cost about 160 euros more or less and the simplest model would be on the 100 euros. Prices that despite the increase are not bad seeing everything they offer.

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