the new installment of the cult saga is officially announced

Civilization VII has officially been announced by Firaxis studio. For the moment, no image of the game, no teaser or even clue, just a placid announcement that this new component is currently in development.

Civilization VI
Civilization VI

One last trick… The cult Civilization saga will soon have a brand new episode: Civilization VII. The Firaxis studio announced the news via a tweet, without drumbeats or trumpets.

No enticing teaser, or even images of the game. Not even a small hint on the direction that this new component will take. Firaxis was content from a short message on Elon Musk’s social network:

“Stop the presses. The next Civ game is in development! »

Civilization VII should still suck our social life

This advert was followed by a statement from Heather Hazen, who has just been named president of Firaxis. She replaces Steve Martin, who has headed the company for nearly 20 years:

“I am thrilled at this opportunity to carry on the studio’s legacy, beginning with the announcement of the next installment in the legendary Civilization franchise. »

The arrival of Civilization VII seemed unexpected. The last part was indeed released in 2016. and has even been ported to smartphones and tablets since. Although content is added regularly, it was about time for a new game to arrive. It remains to be seen what improvements will be made. As we know, each iteration is a balancing nightmare for developers and each aspect is scrutinized with great attention.

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The challenge is all the greater as 4X is a genre that is becoming more and more democratic, with the appearance of new challengers with long teeth. We think in particular to Old World, Endless Space 2 or the recent Humankind who brought a certain breath of fresh air to the genre while respecting its codes.

At this time, no further information regarding Civilization VII. The game is in development that’s all we know. No exit window has been communicated, nor even any letter of intent. We will therefore have to be patient to see what Firaxis has in store for us in the future. One thing is certain: we are still likely to spend time there. Much of the time.

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