The new Intel i9 CPU will not outperform AMD CPUs, without Windows 11!

By surprise and without knowing how the guys at Puget Systems have been made with nothing less than the best CPU of the new generation of Intel and with an ASUS board to put the new beast of Intel to the test with 16 cores. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Alder Lake as an architecture, the question is whether it will at least be competitive in Windows 10.

A jump off Rocket Lake, but not the expected one?

We are going to treat the data as such first, since it is very interesting to see what Intel’s new architecture and CPU can do in the same scenario where its direct rivals have a certain advantage. Puget Systems has presented two different graphs to represent the score obtained under After Effects, and yes, it is not what we all expected, but it is certainly interesting to see a first “round” between the three contenders.

What we can see is that in the Score Breakdown the i9-11900K is very competitive against its rival AMD: 130.1 / 123.6 / 210.7 vs. 133.5 / 131.8 / 209.1. As we can see, the differences are minimal, being a bit favorable in general to the AMD CPU, but with Alder Lake things change …


What we see is that curiously in tracking Score the new i9-12900K is not as competitive as its rivals, but in Render Score and RAM Preview Score it is somewhat ahead, which would not be a surprise, although … Isn’t that very little GAP for the changes implemented by Intel?

Intel Core i9-12900K vs AMD Ryzen 9 5950X


The overall benchmark score reveals the few details that are needed: 1575 points versus 1581 points for the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. The question then is simple why? Why so little score and improvement?

As everything has an explanation, although it will not be to everyone’s liking surely and it leaves many things in the air. Despite having DDR5-4800 MHz and from a competent board such as the ASUS E Gaming series with the best chipset available for the platform, the tests have been done under Windows 10.

This is decisive since this operating system is not (nor does it seem that it will be) prepared for the distribution and assignment of tasks in an optimal way for big.LITTLE under Alder Lake as architecture. Windows 11 will have support for Intel Thread Director, which and under new BIOS / UEFI will have the opportunity to demonstrate all that the architecture can do.


This already happened with Rocket Lake before its launch, where just 3 days before the presentation Intel released new microcode for its CPUs improving performance. Now the story is even worse, since the OS has a lot to say and logically Windows 10 is not the best scenario to be able to say if we are facing one, two or three steps ahead of Intel.

On the other hand, it is the fair comparison, but we fear that the leap to Windows 11 is unavoidable in no more than a year by companies, which are “forcing change.”

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