The new iOS 15.4 for iPhone is already imminent with its beta 4

As is now the weekly custom for a month, Apple launched yesterday the fourth betas of iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, watchOS 8.5, macOS 12.3, and tvOS 15.4. These new versions of software for the brand’s devices are already moving towards an increasingly stable version that is highly desired by users, since it brings much-desired news.

A little change in these new betas

Apple usually presents the bulk of its new software in the first beta versions, while in the following versions these changes are polished, correcting errors and introducing other small improvements. Well, in these rooms of iOS 15.4 there is no exception, although we can observe some notable changes in reference to the AirTag privacy.


After the controversy caused by these locators, used maliciously to track other people, Apple continues to implement measures that abort any type of action of this type and has added a warning element. This is a message that appears when opening the Search app and that warns that the use of these AirTag or other similar elements for tracking people without consent is a crime.

Review of other known news

Beyond what was previously mentioned, no relevant news has been found in these betas. However, we would like to make a brief review of the most outstanding novelties that have already emerged in previous versions and that will surely be in the final version:

  • Unlock with mask of the iPhone 12 and 13, without the need to have an Apple Watch or have to cheat Face ID.
  • Universal Control on Mac and iPad, thus allowing you to control both devices with the computer’s keyboard and mouse/trackpad. It will also allow you to control an iMac and a MacBook.
  • new emoji in addition to the already traditional launch at the beginning of the year. There will be a total of 32 new items.

new emoji ios 15.4 (1)

  • What’s New in Shortcuts like disabling notifications when one of these is run.
  • iCloud Keychain lets you add notes that will be securely recorded on the device.
  • Share Play allows quick access from the sharing options.
  • Magic Keyboard brightness control on iPads from the control center.
  • Customize corner gestures on iPad with Apple Pencil, by choosing a favorite setting from settings.

Its launch is getting closer

Seeing the stability that these betas already suppose and how advanced they are, everything indicates that the launch to the public could take place at the middle of March. It would thus coincide with the launch of new company products, since it is expected to be this month when they hold a special event to present new devices such as iPad Air, iPhone SE 2022 and new Macs.

Be that as it may, we continue to insist on not recommending installing the betas. As stable as they are, they are still test versions that can cause problems. Therefore, to avoid this and continue to use your device normally, we recommend that you wait until they are ready to be able to install them normally and with confidence that they will work correctly.

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