The new iPhone SE will not be as you expected

The iPhone 14 has not yet been launched, but there is already talk of one of Apple’s possible launches during 2023, and that is that according to the prestigious analyst Jon Prosser, the Cupertino company already has the renewal of the iPhone SE on its mind. , and of course it is not what most users expected.

The iPhone SE will change its design, finally

After the launch of the third generation iPhone SE, many users were really disappointed because of what Apple had done with that device, since above all at the design level, it was and it is a team looks old despite having been on the market for a very short time. Apple kept the aesthetics of the second-generation iPhone SE and the internal changes it made are barely significant beyond the presence of the chip. A15 Bionicsomething that of course, must be applauded by Apple.

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Well, it seems to be, according to Jon Prosser, that the next generation of iPhone SE will have that design change that so many users are clamoring for what is currently the cheapest iPhone you can buy in an Apple Store. However, this design change will not be what the vast majority of users expect, since everything indicates that will inherit the body of the popular iPhone XR.

This movement is surprising, since although in a few days we will be able to confirm the goodbye to the iPhone mini, everything seemed to indicate that this movement would also serve to The iPhone SE will inherit the design that both the iPhone 12 mini have had so far like the iPhone 13 mini, since by concept, they are two models that are quite similar to what a future iPhone SE can offer. However, it may make sense, since at the level of performance, the current iPhone SE and iPhone XR share many features, except for the processor, which obviously Apple will include one of the latest generation.

What about the size?

What is most striking about this supposed move by Apple is that the iPhone SE would radically change its size, going from having a 4.7-inch screen to a 6.1-inch screen, yes, with the all-screen design of the iPhone XR. This can be a double-edged sword for Apple, since the current iPhone SE has two main attractions for its audience, such as price and, above all, size.

iPhone XR

With this movement, Apple would not only be offering users an iPhone SE much larger than the previous one, with the risk that it entails, but it would also be practically closing the door so that in subsequent renewals, the iPhone SE could inherit so yes, the design of the iPhone mini. This is certainly very strange news, but obviously you have to take it with tweezers despite the fact that Jon Prosser is in charge of formulating it. Naturally, as time goes by, more details of what this next iPhone SE may be will become known and, it will be then, when we can confirm or deny this hypothetical movement of the Cupertino company.

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