The new Kindle Paperwhite is seen on Amazon Canada

The new Kindle Paperwhite

When a product drops its price significantly, it is most likely that a new generation is about to be launched. In the case of Amazon devices, this is not usually a norm, because the company plays a lot with its prices to gain a user base.

However, this time it seems that the 15% discount on the price of the current Kindle Paperwhite was there (the offer is still available if you want to take advantage of it). The Canadian has from Amazon seems to have missed the new Kindle Paperwhite which could be released shortly.

The new Kindle Paperwhite of 2021 will have as a great novelty a larger diagonal screen. That means it will go from 6 inches to 6.8 inch. This change not only affects the size, but also the quality of the same with 300 dpi and, especially, the backlighting system that has characterized until now had only 5 LEDs and now goes up to 17 LEDs. That we will see how it affects the battery of the Kindle.

Regarding the design of the product itself, it seems that there are no major changes in this regard. It is still an electronic book reader where everything is done with on-screen interaction, because it lacks physical buttons to change pages, access menus, etc.

Regarding the charging connector, the ideal and most logical thing would be for it to arrive with a USB C connector. Because it is the connector that is being used in most current devices, from mobile phones to tablets, computers and even the cases of True Wireless headphones. So let’s hope that when it is officially launched they will not disappoint and fall back on the use of the microUSB connector.

When will the new Kindle Paperwhite be released

If one takes into account that it has been through the Amazon store in Canada and not a leak by third parties, the logical thing is to think that it will not take long to be officially presented. Also, taking into account that Christmas is coming soon, what better date to launch a new reader and take advantage of the increase in sales.

How much will the new Kindle Paperwhite cost

Kindle Paperwhite

Regarding the price, the first thing you have to know is that there will be two versions of this new Kindle Paperwhite with a larger screen. The first will be the normal or basic and will cost 149 Canadian dollars, which would be about 100 euros in exchange. Even so, it is likely that with one or another argument they will make a more favorable currency exchange for them and in Spain it costs 129 euros approximately.

The second version of Kindle Paperwhite It will be the Signature Edition and it will cost 209 Canadian dollars. That again means that the change would be around 140 euros approximately, but it could go to 169 euros.

However, we will have to wait to confirm prices with both one and another edition. What we can say is that these will be the new versions of the Kindle Paperwhite, very attractive devices for the most common readers in this type of media. Which, by the way, have received one of the greatest Software updates in years.

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