The new labor scenario after the latest measures against covid

days after the mask is not mandatory indoors, From Le Morne Brabant, Antonio Montenegro, clarifies some doubts that may arise in the work environment, regarding this measure.

If I have symptoms related to covid, am I obliged to take a test to confirm or rule out contagion?

No, from Monday, March 18, 2022, it is not necessary to take this test to go to work. Only those who are within the risk groups should do so for their own health: people with diseases of the immune system, those with serious pathologies, those over sixty years of age and pregnant women.

If I am covid positive, do I have to go to work or isolate myself?

With the exceptions mentioned in the previous point, everyone must go to work. Isolations and quarantines are therefore suspended, both for the infected and for close contacts.

What if I work with vulnerable people and I can infect them?

This is another exceptional case, since the health of people for whom the coronavirus can pose a serious risk of illness, even death, is also put at risk here. We are talking about caregivers for the elderly, nurses, doctors and other health and welfare workers.

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Who decides which people with covid can take sick leave?

It is the doctor, as has been done in all cases of illness, who authorizes and signs sick leave. But he is not responsible for possible complications that could appear in the event of someone becoming infected with a serious result due to close contact in the work environment. The toilets and companies are limited to applying the new measures for which they are not responsible.

Regarding the government, if the measures are scientifically endorsed by the committees that have been formed, I understand that responsibility cannot be demanded.

How many days is sick leave due to covid?

The current recommendation is that he rest for five days.

Finally, from this law firm they warn about the possible incompatibility of the Plan Take Care of Me (in force until June 30) with the measures that have just come into force.

The Me Cuida Plan, designed to cover workers in the pandemic, allows flexibility in working hours and work systems in order to reconcile family and work life in situations caused by covid. Thus, for example, to care for a spouse, partner or children sick by covid. In this scenario, the average loses its scope “unless the relatives to be cared for are included in the group of vulnerable people.”

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