The new LG Smart TVs are camouflaged among your furniture

It seems that, for some time now, the innovations in terms of television are based on giving us more and more pixels per inch and refining the frames until it seems that the image floats on the wall. And that’s cool, but LG has gone further and has just unveiled a line of Smart tv that integrates with your furniture and decoration like no other television has done before. We tell you all the details.

If you thought that the only thing you could ask a television for is more inches, LG seems to have another idea. For this reason, it has just presented a line of smart televisions lifestyle that advocate innovating in something curious, integrate with your environment, to stop being that black box that dominates everything and out of tune.

How they integrate into the decoration of your home

The truth is that the solution for this is low technology. In the case of one of its main models, the LG Objet TV, it adapts to the decoration at the touch of a button on the included LG remote control, raising or lowering a fabric cover as preferred at the time.

With it on, the television looks like a canvas of neutral colors, a minimalist painting on the wall that more than one will confuse with one of those expensive works that, in reality, are nothing more than an unpainted canvas.

If you lift the cover, you will have a 65-inch OLED evo panel which also includes a sound system 80 W and 4.2. With it, LG tries to imitate a movie theater that has installed that surround sound so fashionable now.

The fabric cover is interchangeable and of Danish origin. Called Kvadrat, you have three colors to choose: beige, green and reddish wood (the one you can see in the image above), always with a neutral tone so as not to be garish and adapt to everything.

To achieve the effect and blend in as a decoration, the Objet TV is made to be hung on the wall like a painting in a museum, with 5 degrees of inclination.

LG StanbyME, a small television on wheels

The new LG StanbyME

In addition to putting a cloth on the TV, the other concept of LG in its new line is to add another element of low technology, wheels.

The LG StanbyME is a 27-inch screen with built-in battery that lasts about three hours of viewing and has wheels so that you can bring it with you from one room to another. In this way, it will allow you to see what you want wherever you are.

Supports streaming Y screen mirroring for Android and iOS phones, so you can project the screen of your mobile on that of this curious television.

Again, so that the cante does not give much where you put it, the LG StanbyME is designed in colors and shapes that can be integrated with virtually any home d├ęcor.

As you can see, LG has chosen to go to the past to bring us the future. We will see if it succeeds in a segment where, the truth is, all products are already very difficult to distinguish one from another.

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