The new MacBook Air will have the air of a Pro, with new prices?

Main novelties that these ‘Air’ would bring

The first thing you should know if you did not know the data is that these teams would not be launched until the first half of 2022, so MacBook Airs with an M1 chip will continue to sell until then. If for something it seems that these new ones are going to stand out, it will be for a new design that would make them look significantly similar to the 24-inch iMac thanks to further optimization of its front and with a wide variety of colors compared to the silver, gold and space gray we have now.

Although there is one aspect that has caught our attention and that is that it could incorporate two features that not even the 2021 MacBook Pro would bring: M2 chip and one miniLED display. We remember that these ‘Pro’ if they will arrive in 2021 also redesigned, with new ports and an M1X chip that although it would improve the current M1, it would not be an M2. Although in any case it would not be unreasonable for it to be a better chip as we have already seen with cases like the A12Z of the iPad Pro 2021 which is much superior to the A14 as it is an improved version of the normal chips.

Returning to the subject of the screen, we can already see in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro how good the panels with miniLED technology look, being a clear sign that Apple will bring this technology to all its teams in the medium term. However, the fact that the ‘Air’ is the first of the Macs to incorporate it sounds strange to say the least, despite the fact that the information received about it seems very reliable.

The great unknown of the price, will there be an increase?

When the first Macs with M1s were announced, we were surprised that Apple had not only not raised the price compared to Intel, but in some cases it had even dropped. If we take into account all the benefits of the new chip, the news was received even better. Now, in these future MacBook Air with M2 if changes are expected beyond the processor that could somehow increase the starting price.

The redesign may not entail excess costs for Apple, but the miniLED screen does. We have already seen how the 12.9-inch iPad Pro of this 2021 has risen by 100 euros from its predecessor and precisely did it for that new screen. We cannot say that the same thing will happen with the MacBook Air because there is no information about it, but it would not be surprising.

In any case, it will be necessary to see in what direction Apple moves in prices, since if in the end they intend to sell a MacBook Air with such outstanding characteristics, it is clear that the ‘Pro’ will have to differentiate themselves. The first clue we will receive this fall is that, if current expectations are met, it will be when Apple officially presents those redesigned MacBook Pro as a prelude to the ‘Air’ of 2022.

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