The new MacBook Pro M2 will have a slower SSD

Confirmed earlier this month during the WWDC 2022 conferences, without a doubt one of Apple’s most anticipated announcements came with the new generation of its MacBook Pro laptops and the inclusion of the company’s new M2 processors. However, the first analyzes of the distributed units leave us with a not so pleasant surprise: the absence of the fast SSD present in the previous generation.

As shared on the Max Tech YouTube channel, after conducting an in-depth analysis of the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2, it has been concluded that the base model with 256 GB of storage offers writing speeds up to 33% slower compared to the equivalent model launched in 2021, further increased in terms of drive read speed, which will amount to a difference of up to 50% less. Specifically, according to the data obtained with the Disk Speed ​​​​Tess application, the speeds of the new laptop would stay at 1446 MB / s of reading (vs. 2,900 MB/s for its predecessor) and 1463MB/s write (up from 2215 MB/s previously).

For its part, the YouTube channel Created Tech also sheds some light on this topic, making a small breakdown of the new computers. A process that shows us how Apple would have changed the SSD storage configuration of the MacBook Pro M2 to the use of a single 256 GB NAND chip instead of the combined use of two 128 GB storage devices, thus leading to this noticeable performance drop.

However, it seems that the only one affected will be the most economical model of this family, leaving the rest of the configurations of the MacBook Pro M2 2022 free of this change. What is not entirely clear is whether it really is a movement promoted by lower production costs, since the difference between the 256 GB and 512 GB model will be just over 200 euros.

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