The new MacBooks Pro and AirPods 3 available in many Apple stores


Since Tuesday of this week, Apple has begun to deliver the first orders of the new MacBook Pro, and the third generation of AirPods. that means, “in theory” they should also have stock in their physical stores.

We just did the test. We have entered Apple’s online website, to simulate an order for a new MacBook Pro, and some AirPods 3. And we have had a surprise. If you have a store nearby, it is better to pick it up than wait for it to be shipped to you. one month Of diference!.

We have done the test of ordering AirPods 3 on Apple’s online website, and we have seen that it is hardly worth going to the store to pick them up. You have the option to collect them today at your nearest store, or wait for you next week to have them delivered. So far, normal.

The strange thing about the case comes with the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro released last week. If you order one today in a more or less standard configuration, you can pick it up at most physical Apple stores today. That is to say: they have stock in the Apple Store.

The problem resides if you want it to be delivered to you at home: the delivery time that Apple gives you is between November 19 and 26. An atrocity. Almost a month of waiting.

So if you have to order one, feel free to come and pick it up by a physical store, if you have that possibility. To be able to travel this Saturday, for example, and to be able to release it now, to wait for you until the end of November, it is a world.

Another option is to buy it in a apple distributor. Surely they already have stock of the most common configurations, and they will send it to you long before Apple. Luck.

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