The new macOS update is coming: this is Monterey beta 6

Corrected errors and waiting for the big news

We already saw last year how macOS Big Sur, version 11 of the system for Mac, completely changed the interface and introduced very relevant novelties to which those of the Mac with an M1 chip were later added. It was expected that this macOS Monterey was somewhat weaker, although despite everything there are several outstanding novelties of this macOS 12.

As in all beta versions, there is no stability that allows them to be recommended versions for the general public and even less for those who want to try it on their main Mac. Now in this sixth beta details have been polished and some bugs have been eliminated such as those related to loading images in Safari (or at least that we have been able to verify in this writing). Of course, there is still excessive battery consumption in some MacBooks, evident proof that we are still in a beta that is not yet close enough to the final version.

What remains to be seen is one of the most anticipated news: Universal Control. This is a new function that allows a Mac with macOS 12 and an iPad with iPadOS 15 to be used at the same time thanks to the Mac’s own keyboard and mouse / trackpad. However, and although it can be executed with some commands, it does not it is still available natively. It is not known if the final version will be or will have to wait for a later update, but to this day it is still not in the betas. (Zolpidem)

universal control mac ipad

When can you update your Mac to this version?

This is undoubtedly the million dollar question when it comes to macOS Monterey. And sadly, there is no answer that settles all doubts. As we anticipated at the beginning, it has been several years since iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS released their big updates in the month of September, while those of macOS do not arrive until October or November. It’s not certain that Monterey won’t be able to launch in September, but it seems unlikely in light of its betas.

Apple continues to set “autumn” as far as the official date is concerned, something that remains somewhat confusing for several months. In any case, we will keep an eye on future betas to see if there are clues about when the first version could officially arrive. And if you want to try it now, you should know that it is possible to install the developer beta on your Mac, although you must be clear about the assumption of risks around its instability and possible failures.

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