The new monitors that Apple wants for its Macs


Apple wants the next Macs to come to boast of having the best screens. It seems that the American company wants to create a series of new models that cover ranges that until now are empty and that users must fill by going to the screens of other brands, such as those of the LG image. The new external monitors of the company, they should cover price ranges between the Studio Display and the higher-end Pro Display XDR model.

The new rumors, this time do not speak of new computers but the best accessories to them. We are talking about the creation and sale of screens that will delight users of computers on the block, regardless of their range or model. According to one of the most influential analysts in the apple world, Mark Gurmann, we have the possibility to see how new models are manufactured to fill the gap that exists right now in this field.

New reports indicate that there will be an update to the Mac Pro workstation. According to Gurman, Apple is working on multiple new external monitors, including an updated version of the higher-end Pro Display XDR which launched alongside the revised Mac Pro in 2019. The problem is that this rumor comes a bit lame, because no further details have been released. We do not expect technical characteristics but perhaps size and most importantly, speaking of Apple: The price.

Gurman speculates that Apple’s “next high-end display may ship after the Mac Pro ships, as the computer itself is in a more advanced stage than the display itself.” Of course, he has ventured to affirm that future displays will use dedicated Apple Silicon. That way they will be able to run a version of the iOS operating system, like the current Studio Display monitor that has an Apple A13 Bionic chip with 64 Gigabytes of storage.

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