The new Nike viral seeks a place in young hearts and lovers of the metaverse

The oldest of the place will remember how many years ago the internet was led by some Nike commercials where the best players of the moment met to simulate a life or death match that touched the epic. Those ads marked the youth of many, and today, Nike has done it again.

The Footballverse

If there was a football multiverse, this would be none other than the footballverse. In a new masterpiece by Nike, advertisingly speaking, the American brand has imagined what a supposed multiverse would be like brought to real life where we could bring the best players in the world regardless of the era, and face them all as if from a battle royale footballer it was treated

The video takes us to some supposed laboratories in Geneva where some scientists (Doctor Rousseau and Professor Machado) argue to prove who is the better player: Ronaldinho from 2006 or the Mbappé we know today? Which would you choose?

In order to draw conclusions, like good scientists, they need tests and trials, so they decide to create the so-called Footballverse (footballverse) to face both players and show who is better.

The best of the best

The situation gets out of control and the scientists decide to rescue many more players from other times, leaving a show that many would pay to see in real life. The cast of stars that appear is at the level of the great Nike productions, and that is that the list is made up of nothing less than:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (version 2022 and 2004)
  • kylian mbappe
  • Ronaldo (version 2022, 2002 and 1998)
  • Ronaldinho (2006 version)
  • Alex Morgan
  • Virgil Van Dijk
  • sam kerr
  • Kevin DeBruyne
  • leah williamson
  • Phil Foden
  • Carli Lloyd (2015 version)
  • Christian Jr.
  • Shane Kluivert
  • Edgar Davids (2000 version)

The feelings

The youngest who see the ad will probably be amazed by the display of stars and the fun narrative that they propose, but this is still another tribute to the mythical ads of Nike Football that we were able to enjoy years ago. Surely more than one remembers the video of the coliseum:

Or the airport of the Brazilian team:

Or the one in the box:

Targeting the Footballverse

The idea of ​​this Footballverse ad is none other than to promote the universe that Nike Football has created around the brand. The promotion website encourages visitors to join the Nike Football community, find organized experiences in different cities around the world, visit the NIKELAND world within Roblox and, of course, shop at Nike Football.

Today many young people will reproduce the ad over and over again, hallucinating with the selection of stars so impossible that the brand has been able to gather, and years later they will remember it with affection as today many of us remember with a certain pinch in our hearts how the Brazilian team played soccer. at an airport after learning that his flight had been delayed. What is your favorite Nike commercial of all those that have been launched in the history of the brand?

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