The new Nothing is filtered and it is not a phone (or headphones)

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Nothing is close to launching a new product and it is neither a phone (you know that its next generation of smartphone is scheduled for the second half of the year) nor are they new transparent headphones. Of course, the gadget also wears a design groundbreaking and different from the image and likeness of its brothers -in such a way that it will be impossible not to recognize it once it is made official in the house catalogue- and it is related to the world of sound… Can you think of what it could be?

Nothing’s new speaker

There is no self-respecting telephone manufacturer that does not have in its portfolio some headphones… and a portable speaker. And, of course, Nothing was not going to be less. The young London-based company is preparing an intense year full of new generations of its flagship products, its terminal and its striking headphones, but that does not mean that it also takes time to launch new products.

In this case, as we anticipated, the idea is to put up for sale a Portable speaker, or at least that is what the latest leaks about the brand tell us, which speak of a rather curious cube-shaped device and a relatively compact size. The person in charge of showing the image has been 91 Mobiles, which indicates that it would mount, judging by what we have seen, two tweeters and two subwoofers.

Leaked image of Nothing's speaker

The speaker doesn’t seem to sport that looks transparent that we have seen in other teams in the house, but it could well be because we are seeing another perspective of the device, an older prototype or really because this time the firm is going to bet on another type of chassis. In fact, you can see a kind of upper tongue that is transparent, but it is not possible to differentiate whether it is part of the team body or something else.

There are buttons on the sides (one of them red, which we presume will be the on and off button) and a sphere in which the Nothing logo can be guessed. A curious design that we are looking forward to seeing live.

Launch just around the corner?

Despite this inconsistent image a priori, the truth is that Nothing would not have much left to launch its speaker: according to the same source as the leak, the company will announce its new portable speaker this month of March and precisely the day 22the firm has just confirmed an event in which it will present its ears (2)the new generation of headphones.

Everything seems to indicate that it will be time to mark a surprise with the followers and wear this new gadget long -not to mention that we should see some more leak (with better detail) almost certainly before then. Don’t worry, we will continue to inform you of everything. Don’t go far.

[Vía: Android Authority]

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