The new Oculus Quest 3 could be just what you expect (or not)

The most popular virtual reality glasses could receive the most anticipated update very soon. The new generation, the oculus quest 3, seem to be already hanging around some privileged hands, and how could it be otherwise, the first impressions with them are filtering. And watch out because important changes are coming.

Virtual reality glasses that don’t weigh

Oculus Quest 2

The latest advances included by Oculus regarding the comfort of wearing the glasses focused on a fairly effective fastening system, however, with the Oculus Quest 3 it seems that the body is going to change radically, since as Mark Gurman has shared , the new model will be lighter and thinner.

This will inevitably result in glasses much more comfortable to wear that allow you to use them for a longer time without the problems of discomfort and sweat. According to the leaker, many of the new features that will be included will be quite similar to all those that are playing about Apple’s virtual reality glasses.

This is something that will be quite interesting to compare, since the Apple ones are said to cost around $3,000, while the Oculus ones will handle the classic $400, although it is most likely that they will exceed the figure and be more expensive. than its predecessor.

Will not have eye tracking

Oculus Quest 2

Unfortunately one of the most striking functions will not be present in the new glasses. We talk about eye Tracking, something that we have been able to see in the PS VR2 and that helps to improve the performance of the viewer by freeing up the load on the processor. Something that does seem to include is a depth sensor, a sensor that would help eliminate the massive use of cameras when it comes to obtaining positioning in the room. It’s a shame because this type of technology would be greatly appreciated in a standalone device like the Oculus, but we imagine that its implementation could increase the price of the product even more.

With vision of the real world

What does seem to be quite striking is the live video function. This is the external vision mode that will allow us to see the outside without taking off our glasses. A feature that until now was not completely credible due to high latency and lack of definition, but which Gurman now describes as “almost natural” in the case of the new Quest 3.

This could be due to new improvements around how the viewfinder handles light and colour, though from reports it doesn’t seem like they’ve included higher resolution screens than we have now, so don’t expect anything sharper. Just more real. Not bad at all, actually.

Fountain: Bloomberg
Via: The Verge

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