The new offices of Mexico and Portugal of the technological Appian will be directed from Spain

Appianan American technology company has recently presented the opening of its first office in Latin America, specifically in Mexico City. Similarly, and almost simultaneously, it has confirmed that it will also have a new operations center in the Portuguese city of Lisbonwhich is why it is consolidated in the Iberian Peninsula and in Spanish-speaking countries.

But control over these two new company centers will be exercised from the headquarters that Appian owns in Spain. For this, the general manager for Iberia, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Serranohas been promoted to regional vice president for Iberia and Latin America and will oversee the entire area.

Appian’s new offices in LATAM will provide a basis of close collaboration with its partners in terms of process automation from start to finish. In addition, it will try to increase its client portfolio in a market to be discovered and will significantly increase the rate of hiring in the country.

Pavel Zamudio-RamirezAppian’s director of Customer Success, said in a statement that many companies in Mexico benefit from the company’s technology.

It must be remembered that Appian works especially in the financial sector, highlighting the presence of Ibex35 companies, banks and both public and private companies. Appian’s philosophy has always been drive digital innovationefficiency and automation of integral processes.

The leader of the operation

Miguel Ángel González has more than 15 years of experience in the sector and has been in charge of Appian Spain since the company landed in the country with its offices in Madrid and Seville, owning in the Andalusian capital a technological hub really ambitious from the year 2019.

Next to him appear other names such as Julio Campoyas Regional Vice President in Iberia for Broad Markets, who will be in charge of leading the sales teams in Spain and Portugal.

Since the arrival of González at the helm of the company, Appian Iberia in Spain has achieved 864% employee growth in just five years. All this made Appian Iberia the Second largest office within Appian EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The company now wants to rely on its knowledge and strategic power to lead the difficult challenge of establishing and consolidating the brand in Latin America.

charlie thompsonSenior Vice President of EMEA and LATAM at Appian, assures that they are delighted by González’s rise and that his incalculable passion will be key to believing in the new regions conquered by the company.

Appian Portals, an improved tool

We have recently learned that Appian Portals has included improvements in data fabricunifying the data between systems without the need to move it, reducing times. This process automation has been valued by Appian, which now strengthens relationships between companies and between them and consumers.

It is now possible for processes to be started directly from a Portals interfacebeing able to carry out automation projects from start to finish directly, organizing artificial intelligence services, assigning tasks and executing automations without complexity.

Appian Portals also offers the ability to query data from the data fabric without complex integration calls. In turn incorporates a navigation bar and Portals pagesallowing users to connect in a multidisciplinary way and no codes.

The centralized record security is another key factor in improving Appian Portals, determining who can see the logs and what actions can be taken.

Working with the data fabric is more simple and efficient, a remarkable advance from this software company specializing in the automation of business processes. This has led to innovative companies around the world relying on Appian for improve your workflowsunify data and optimize operations, resulting in exponential growth and better experiences for your customers.

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