The new PlayStation Plus, the price of the OnePlus 10 Pro, this is the recap

Sony officially presents its competitor to Xbox Game Pass, the price of the OnePlus 10 Pro leaked just before its launch in France, a scam invents a Netflix cryptocurrency, here are all the news you had to remember yesterday.

Two shock announcements rocked the tech news yesterday. On the one hand, Sony has finally presented its new PlayStation Plus formulas, which are supposed to overshadow Xbox Game. On the other, a retailer mistakenly reveals the European prices of the OnePlus 10 Pro two days before its release. Meanwhile, hackers are pretending to be a fake Netflix cryptocurrency.

Sony unveils new PlayStation Plus formulas

We were expecting it. Months after the rumors began, Sony has finally formalized its competing offer to Xbox Game Pass. As the leaks had announced, this is not a new platform but a redesign of a PlayStation Plus. Three formulas will be offered: Essential, Extra and Premium, respectively at €8.99/month, €13.99/month and €16.99/month. The Essential formula is concretely the current version of PlayStation Plus, while the Extra and Premium formulas give access to a multitude of games in the same way as the Xbox Game Pass.

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We know the price in euros of the OnePlus 10 Pro

While the OnePlus 10 Pro will land tomorrow in France, a leak reveals its price before time. MediaMarkt, a German retailer, made a small error on its website which made it possible to obtain the information. At our neighbor, the smartphone will be marketed at 899 €. In France, the 8GB RAM/128GB storage version is expected to retail for €919, while the 12GB RAM/256GB storage version is reportedly available for €999.

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Beware of this fake Netflix cryptocurrency, it’s a scam

On Twitter, a strange account claims that Netflix has created its own cryptocurrency. This redirects to a relatively summary website, which includes a so-called press release signed by Reed Hastings, the creator of the streaming platform. Unsurprisingly, this is obviously a scam. The hackers thus hope to attract gullible Internet users by encouraging them to buy their fake tokens.

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