the new PS5 controller in black version benefits from 10 € reduction

[Le Deal du Jour] To accompany the release of its long-awaited PlayStation 5, Sony has launched its excellent DualSense controller, which embeds very significant cutting-edge technologies. The brand unveiled new colors and it is the black model which is now on sale, at 59 euros instead of 69 euros.

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Last year, Sony struck a big blow with the launch of its new DualSense controller, replacing the DualShock. The Japanese firm has offered a controller that is not only compatible with a large number of devices other than the PS5 (PC, Mac, smartphones, etc.), but which also offers advanced technologies, such as haptic feedback and triggers. adaptive.

Usually offered at 69.99 euros, the Sony DualSense controller for the PS5 in its black color is now displayed at 59.99 euros on Rakuten (via the seller Boulanger) thanks to the promo code RAKUTEN10.

DualSense PS5 black // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

To better understand the offer

  • What are the new features of this DualSense controller?

If Sony has not changed the arrangement of the keys and joysticks on its new controller, the DualSense here presents transparent, black keys in this color, and no longer colored. We find the touchpad and motion detection already on board the previous DualShock 4 but the comfort in hand is better.

Among the most interesting new features, we note the addition of haptic feedback, a technology much more precise than simple conventional vibrations. For example, you will better feel the surfaces on which your character walks. In addition, the DualSense incorporates adaptive triggers, which, as the name suggests, will adapt perfectly to your gaming actions, thus greatly enhancing the immersion in your session. Concretely, the resistance of these triggers may change depending on the action you perform. Is your character tired, but you want to make him run? The trigger will then oppose a stronger resistance.

  • What to say about its autonomy?

The controller has (finally) a USB-C connector for recharging. It also has a larger battery (1,560 mAh) than that fitted to the previous controller. This will make it possible to hold out for about ten hours – a duration which naturally decreases if the game requires a lot of the new options such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Those who are undecided can turn to our full review of the Sony DualSense controller to study it in great detail.

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