The new RED records in 8K and makes Aquaman himself hallucinate

RED V-Raptor: a monstrous little camera

It does not matter if it is an article for a website or a magazine, if it is a radio program or a video that you are going to publish on any platform, in all these formats content is and must always be king. What you are going to tell has to be interesting for those who are going to consume it, but that does not mean that a good presentation does not help. What’s more, sometimes it can even make up for certain shortcomings.

For this reason, in every discipline and in particular in those related to the audiovisual world, excellence in image quality issues is always sought. Manufacturers who make cameras know that and hence the benefits they add so that the creative possibilities increase with each new model.

When it comes to making professional video, we have already seen that the equipment you use is not going to determine whether or not you can monetize it for more or less money, but it is clear that you have certain recording material makes a difference. If we focus only on the cameras section, RED’s are one of those dark objects of desire. Although they are not exactly cheap, but the quality is so high that you put yourself at the level of the best Hollywood cinema or advertising productions of large agencies.

Now the brand launches a new proposal and you are going to love it for everything except for its price. Because the RED V-Raptor is another true monster when it comes to creating cinematic quality audiovisual content. So take a look, because if you dedicate yourself to recording video what you are going to see you will like a lot.

To start we have the 35.4 MP sensor you use. This allows to obtain a video clip with resolution 8K. Ok, this number of pixels is no longer surprising because we have the Canon EOS R5 that, despite its time limitations due to temperature, reaches that figure and even some mobile phones capture video at such quality, but it is not the same to use such a sensor. small like the mobile phone than a Full Frame one without an important limit in the data flow that allows to obtain a lot of information to work in post-production much looser.

The second important feature of this new camera is the rate of frames per second at which it is capable of capturing video. In 8K resolution it reaches 120 fps and in 4K resolution it doubles up to 240 fps. Thus, among the sharpness of the video itself, the professional look that can be achieved when working with raw formats and now much more pronounced slow motion cameras make it a real dream for those who are more demanding of visual quality.

Another important improvement is that of the dynamic range. The company says it offers more range than the rest of the brand’s cameras. In particular, 17 stops is what you have of dynamic range. So after that, why don’t you take a look at some of the videos shot with this camera. For example, we start with the first. This was done by Jason Momoa, the Aquaman actor is in love with RED cameras.

A movie camera

The RED’s V-Raptor is a film camera, a product designed for demanding productions. Logically, if you have enough money to get one, it does not matter if it is to later only make videos on YouTube or upload stories to Instagram, etc.

The problem is that it is a bit like some cars. The price of the V-Raptor is high, it costs 24-500 dollars, but it offers everything that a professional could demand: different resolutions and frequency of frames per second, dynamic range, variable aspect ratio, recording in RAW R3D format, recording on CFexpress 2.0 type B cards, many connectors, compact body and Canon RF mount among many other things.

So, yes, it is a product for a few, but that does not mean that I do not like to know it and see everything that a camera as small as it is inversely advanced can offer.

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