The new speaker from Panasonic and Square Enix sits on the neck

Panasonic SC-GN01, immersive and personal sound

The fact of collaborating between companies that are not dedicated to the same thing at first can be a bit strange, but then interesting things arise if they reach a good understanding and have experience in their respective fields.

That is the case of Panasonic and Square Enix. The first is a consumer electronics brand (although its businesses expand to projects such as creating smart cities among others) and the second a developer of titles as important as the Final Fantasy saga itself.

Well, a matter of a few months ago they announced one of their first collaborations, a sound bar that had been jointly designed between the two. Panasonic on the other hand took care of all the electronics and Square Enix of the sound modes and incidentally licensed the use of the Final Fantasy brand.

Now both of them return with a somewhat particular proposal, one of those that blows your mind because of how they arise. And is that Panasonic and Square Enix have created a device of personal audio that you wrap around your shoulders for a more immersive experience. Although here the sound is projected on a regular basis and not by other systems such as bone conduction headphones.

To obtain this immersive audio experience, the system makes use of different speakers that surround the user and that allows you to have the feeling of being surrounded by the sound of the game or even other audiovisual content that you can reproduce. It also has several modes such as a game created by Square Enix to adapt the sound to each type of experience:

  • Role mode for Final Fantasy type games that creates a feeling of reality and intensity as if you were inside the virtual world of the game
  • FPS mode to have greater precision and know where your rivals are
  • Voice mode to improve communication in those online titles where talking with others can make a difference

With four speakers that provide a total sound power of up to 4W, this new device is also capable of serving as a communication device by including a microphone that has a noise cancellation system capable of even eliminating the sound from the speakers, which they are very close. Thus the quality of communication is as good as with other options.

Otherwise, to make use of this new immersive gaming sound system only you will need to connect them to the USB A port from your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and even Nintendo Switch when used next to the Dock in TV mode. If you want to use it with one of the Microsoft consoles you will have to resort to using the 3.5mm audio jack directly plugged in next to Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X and S.

An alternative to headphones and sound bars

There is no doubt that Panasonic’s proposal is somewhat particular and, above all, very personal. As with headphones, it is the wearer who is wearing them who truly enjoys the best experience. Still it offers advantages like a sound bar, because it avoids having something “covering” your ears during long periods of play.

So, this Panasonic SC-GN01 is a mezcal that could be interesting for those who do not support long periods of use with headphones nor does it have a sound bar or other similar device that allows you to enjoy surround sound.

Price and availability

The new Panasonic SC-GN01 will arrive during the month of September, at the end to be a little more precise and will be available through the company’s store on Amazon. It seems that it will be the only way to get a unit and the price will be around

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