The new Spotify looks like a TikTok with music artists

As Thanos himself would say, it is inevitable. The TikTok experience is everywhere, and the last to introduce something similar have been the people of Spotify. Through an official statement, the company has announced that they have decided to modify the interface of the mobile application to offer a new experience that allows users to discover new artists and consume their favorite music more effectively.

The experience of bringing TikTok to Spotify

Spotify home

The immediacy that is required today to consume multimedia content is affecting all services, and for now, it seems that TikTok has the magic formula. That is the reason why many companies are inspired by the social network to apply changes to their services, and Spotify is one of them.

Of course, contrary to social networks, comments will continue to not exist on Spotify, so that social touch does not exist, and therefore, we cannot say that it is identical to TikTok.

And it is that you only have to take a first look to verify that the new interface brings back inevitable memories of TikTok. The press release itself ensures that the coming generations prefer to navigate between audio samples before fully immersing themselves in a certain track or a specific album.

This makes a lot of sense, since today many songs become popular with the help of a video that ends up going viral. Perhaps for this reason, the new Spotify welcome window has a fast and fleeting video, where small clips of video clips will try to attract attention so that you get hooked on that artist or that music list.

visual and dynamic

As can be seen in the presentation video, the new Home screen will have a scroll flooded by videos that will not only be music videos, but also belonging to the Podcasts and Audiobooks section. If something ends up interesting you, you only have to click on the publication to enter the full reproduction of the song or chapter in question.

The music genres will also have small presentations, so that all the contents will have visual traction, now being much more likely that you will discover new genres, artists and music in general.

An inevitable trend?

If the arrival of this new interface has bothered you excessively and you are threatening to leave the service, it is most likely that you are not part of that gigantic market share that is taking giant steps. Yes, we are referring to the youngest, a potential audience that a few years ago did not paint anything in the technology industry and that today are the engine that drives a large part of social networks, especially TikTok.

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