The new Star Wars: Visions trailer is mind-blowing

New Star Wars: Visions trainer

At the beginning of July we were able to know the first details of Star Wars: Visions, possibly one of the most interesting projects of recent years related to the Star Wars universe. At that time a video with special content and the name of the different episodes that would contain this different vision was the only thing they showed us.

Now Star Wars: Visions releases a new official trailer and re-mark the premiere date so you can write it down on the calendar. So first let’s see the trailer and then we talk about the rest of the details of what will be, again, a project that any Star Wars fan should see for its very particular approach.

As you can see, the video is incredible and despite how short it lasts, it gives a good idea of ​​everything that this original proposal will offer that will show a very distant galaxy in a way that until now has not been seen before.

This is due, as we said at the time, to the freedom that each of the teams in charge of each episode had. Although it could be said that they all share that way of seeing the world that Japanese culture has. So now we just have to wait for the premiere day.

Star Wars: Visions chapter list

All nine episodes are the work of seven Japanese animation studios that will bring their own style and vision to each of them. These are their titles.

  • The Duel by Kamikaze Douga
  • Lop and Ochō by Geno Studio (Twin Engine)
  • Tatooine Rhapsody by Studio Colorful (Twin Engine)
  • The twins by Trigger
  • The Elder by Trigger
  • The Village Bride by Kinema Citrus
  • Akakiri by Science Saru
  • T0-B1 by Science Saru
  • The Ninth Jedi by Production IG

When and where to see Star Wars: Visions

The next day September 22 It will be when you can begin to see this new animated series of Star Wars. Where? Well, how could it be otherwise, on Disney Plus. The streaming platform is logically the place chosen for its distribution. So you only need an active subscription and that’s it.

To enjoy this particular vision that in the English dubbed version will feature recognizable voices such as Temuera Morrison, Lucy Liu, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Patrick Harris, Alison Brie, Simu Liu or George Takei. In Spanish it is assumed that the actors who dub these will be in charge of doing it for the series as well, but after seeing the trailer in Japanese makes you want to see it in the original language with their respective subtitles in the language you prefer.

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