The new Twitter application comes full of news to Windows 10

In these lines we want to focus on one of the most used social platforms in the world, such as Twitter. We tell you this because its developers have just significantly improved their progressive web app or PWA. Specifically, they have launched an update with a multitude of new and interesting functions that will delight its millions of users.

There is no doubt that the main managers of this web application try to improve the experience of their customers with each update. As an example, the Twitter web application is now fully compatible with voice tweets.

Twitter PWA highlights

At the same time, improved controls have been included in the Interface and other functions focused on playing audio and subtitles. In addition, users of the PWA Twitter users can also use the Google account to log in or register in the app. We will also have the ability to adjust the conversation control settings for a certain tweet after it has been sent.

How could it be otherwise, this latest update also includes a wide variety of improvements and bug fixes. Among the improvements included, we can highlight that users will be able to adjust the scope of a conversation as it evolves. This allows them to pause responses from people outside of their network, or entirely. At the same time, you also want to guarantee the density tweets advertising on timelines. In the same way we can use the Google account to register and log in to the same Twitter account, or upload content with voice.

twitter app

When it comes to accessibility, some improvements have also been made. For example, the labeling and behavior of screen readers for expandable menus has been improved. At the same time, developers have worked to improve the behavior of video subtitles in all devices. What’s more, we can now activate and deactivate these subtitles with the C key directly.

Fixes for the application on Windows

In addition to the aforementioned news that reach the Twitter PWA, a good number of corrections to the latest errors have also been included. For example, input fields with animated transitions no longer move when you turn on reduced motion. Likewise, the accessibility to the avatars of other users is corrected. Issues with creating and editing surveys on mobile devices are now resolved.

On the other hand, a problem has been fixed where the search from multiple results showed an empty state, and the results are already scrolling correctly. In order to take advantage of all this that we have mentioned, it will not be necessary to look for updates in the Microsoft Store. We just have to close the application and reopen it so that it updates itself.


Developer: Twitter Inc.

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