The new Windows 10 patch fixes these 3 annoying bugs

The new Windows quality patches They had been available as optional patches for a couple of weeks now. However, no one has talked about these fixes until now, so they may be last minute changes introduced by Microsoft to put an end, once and for all, with these annoying problems that have been affecting users for months.

The bugs fixed by the July patches for Windows 10

For some months now, users have been reporting all kinds of bugs and problems when using the operating system. One of the last, and the most widespread, was a problem with the Windows taskbar. This problem appeared as a result of activating the News and Interests panel to all users, causing some items to appear blurry and cluttered.

Bad Windows taskbar icons

In addition to this issue, last April patches introduced some major problems in the performance of many systems. As a result of the installation of these patches, many users have experienced significant drops in the FPS of their games. The bug affected NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel equally, so it wasn’t a driver issue, as Microsoft hinted. And also other performance problems when using the operating system. Despite trying to fix them with some emergency patches, these problems were still on the system, until now.

Finally, users of versions 2004, 20H2 and 21H1 also began to experiment problems playing audio in Dolby Digital. These problems were represented in the form of “noises” or “squeaks” when using certain settings. Changing the sound settings to stereo mode they disappeared.

Update your PC to correct these problems

Microsoft’s cumulative patches are divided into two. On the one hand we have the security patches, focused on covering all the vulnerabilities detected in the last cycle, and on the other hand we have the quality patches, focused on correcting other types of errors.

What these patches are required for all users, and they are installed automatically, we will all receive these corrections on our PC. We can also search for patches manually from Windows Update to make sure they have been downloaded and installed correctly and we are not taking unnecessary risks.

KB5004237 Windows Patch

Microsoft has not made any indication about these fixed bugs in its changelog. However, there are already many users who confirm that, after installing this new update, all these problems have disappeared. Now we will have to keep waiting to see if the problems have really disappeared and these, or worse ones, do not appear in the next few hours.

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