The new Windows 11 update improves the start menu

Microsoft continues to work on Windows 11, gradually developing its new operating system. According to user requests and comments, this new OS is taking shape and receiving new functions and features before its official arrival at the end of the year. Insider users targeted to the Dev channel (the most unstable of all) can already test the new operating system for a week. And now, build 22000.65 brings us a little more of this expected Windows 11, with functions that we really liked.

What’s new and changed in Windows 11 build 22000.65

Although it is unlikely that we will see many big changes within this new operating system, the truth is that Microsoft has taken advantage of the arrival of Build 22000.65 of its operating system to change some details within the operating system.

The first of them, and the most important, is that now the start menu has a search bar that allows us to easily find all kinds of programs and elements that we want. A feature highly requested by users, from how little we missed Windows 10, which has become a reality.

Search bar Windows 11

Other relevant changes that we can find in this new build are:

  • The taskbar can now be displayed on multiple monitors.
  • Updated some system alerts (such as the low battery warning) to appear according to the design of Windows 11.
  • Power modes already available within the energy and battery section in Settings.
  • Right click now shows the “Update” option without having to go to the Show More Options option.
  • Right click now allows you to run .ps1 files with PowerShell directly without going to the Show More Options option.
  • Snap is available on screens and small computers.
  • GIF search is available in China.
  • Right mouse click on the sound icon now displays the troubleshoot option.

Bugs fixed

Of course, Microsoft has also published the list of bugs fixed in this new Build 22000.65 of the operating system. These errors are:

  • Fixed the PrintNightmare vulnerability (although we know very well that the patch is infectious).
  • Taskbar:
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the desktop from being displayed from it.
    • Fixed an issue where the date and time were not displayed correctly.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the preview not to display the window correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where pressing ESC would not properly discard desktop previews.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some icons to appear wrong when turning the PC on the taskbar.
  • Setting:
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Settings app from launching correctly.
    • Fixed stuttering when closing quick settings and notification center from their icons.
    • Fixed lack of shadows in Quick Settings and Notification Center.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented launching the quick settings from the keyboard.
    • Fixed a bug that caused quick settings to not render correctly after moving settings.
    • Fixed a bug when activating concentration mode.
    • Fixed a crash in the animation when resizing the keyboard.
    • Fixed an error within the login options that made the facial recognition section not appear.
    • The button to disconnect from a work or school account works again.
    • Fixed the bug that made the lock screen within Settings have no text.
    • The advanced options within Windows Update reappear.
    • Windows privacy settings are working again.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented access to the “Open navigation” option.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented applying the themes within the Settings panel.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some options to appear in English within the settings when setting other languages ​​on the PC.
  • File Browser
    • Pinning and unpinning apps from the start menu now works normally again.
    • Fixed a bug that made the title bar unreadable in low contrast settings.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the context menu to appear blurry.
    • The “see more” menu is not discarded when clicking on the options.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented creating new folders on the desktop.
  • Seeker
    • Fixed an issue that caused items to appear gray instead of displaying icons.
    • Fixed a bug where the first letter was omitted when searching when launching it from the Windows key.
    • Fixed a problem when hovering over the search icon and seeing the dropdown with options.
    • Fixed a problem that, when looking for Windows Update, we opened the options and not the updater.
  • Widgets
    • Widgets now scale correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with Narrator, which now correctly reads content.
    • Fixed an issue when resizing the bag widget.
  • Others
    • Fixed a memory leak when using C # sample code.
    • Fixed several errors that caused critical crashes in Safe Mode with the text 0xc0000005.
    • Fixed several bugs that caused explorer.exe to enter a reboot loop.
    • Fixed a crash when minimizing a full screen caused by win32kfull.
    • Fixed the bug in WSL that appeared as “The parameter is incorrect”.
    • Fixed a bug that displayed blurry text when using the ALT + Tab keyboard shortcut.
    • Fixed some bugs on IME keyboards.
    • Improved the reliability of the interface when using Windows + Space.
    • Improved reliability when using the dictation function.
    • Snip & Sketch’s “capture after X seconds” feature works again.

Errors to fix in Windows 11

Microsoft has also updated the list of errors pending to be solved in Build 22000.65 of this new operating system, errors that are not very important but that, in future builds, will disappear little by little. These errors are:

  • Sometimes it is impossible to type in the search engine when it is launched from the start button of the taskbar.
  • The taskbar sometimes flickers when typing.
  • Dragging an app icon to reposition it causes the app to be resized or minimized.
  • When opening the Settings app, a green blink sometimes appears.
  • When using quick settings to modify accessibility options, the UI sometimes does not save its state.
  • The new command bar does not appear when opening folders in separate processes.
  • Explorer.exe crashes when using Turkish language when battery is at 100%.
  • When right-clicking on the desktop or file explorer, some submenus only partially appear.
  • Clicking on the search icon does not open.
  • Recent searches do not appear when hovering the mouse over the search engine on the taskbar.
  • The search panel appears black and shows no results.
  • The widget panel is sometimes black.
  • When opening links from the Widgets panel they do not invoke apps in the background.
  • When using the Outlook client, some apps, such as Calendar or To-Do, do not sync correctly.
  • Widgets are incorrectly sized on external monitors.
  • After adding several widgets quickly from the settings section, they may be invisible.
  • The install button from the Microsoft Store may not work.
  • Ratings and comments for some apps in the Microsoft Store are not available.
  • Windows Defender displays an incorrect “Standard Hardware Security Not Supported” error.
  • The option to submit malware samples automatically may not work correctly.

One step closer to Windows 11, should I install the new Build 22000.65?

All users who have installed Windows 11, either on the PC or in a virtual machine, will be able to download this new build of the operating system. However, we must bear in mind that it is still a development version, unstable, which, although it has corrected many errors, still has many others. Both known and unknown.

If we are already testing the new Microsoft operating system, we must update as soon as we have the opportunity, since it will work better than the previous build. And some of the news that we have seen is really appreciated. However, if we use the PC to work, and we need stability, it is better to let it go and wait a little longer.

Update Windows 11 Build 22000.65

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