The next GPD Win Max aims to use an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU with RDNA 3

He GPD Win Max It is positioned as one of the best rivals that Valve’s Steam Deck has, although the commitment to Windows by the former may hinder what it can offer due to the greater hardware demands of the Microsoft system. Beyond preferences, everything seems to indicate that there will be a 2023 generation of GPD’s top-of-the-range mini-PC, which aims to use an APU AMD Ryzen 7 7840U “Phoenix” with RDNA 3 integrated graphics.

The possible existence of the GPD Win Max 2023 has been revealed thanks to the leak of performance tests carried out with Geekbench 5 and BAPCO. There they have been able to learn details such as the model, GPD G1619-04, the use of Windows 11 as an operating system and the presence of AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU with the features that you will at least have on such a device, including integrated graphics Radeon 780M.

Going deeper into the characteristics of the APU at the processor level, it has eight physical cores, sixteen threads (two threads per core), is based on the Zen 4 processor architecture and has a consumption of between 15 and 28 watts, while the graphics The integrated Radeon 780M includes twelve compute units for a total of 768 cores and is capable of running at a frequency greater than 2.5GHz.

In the test carried out with Geekbench 5 you can see a single-core score of 281 and 1,817 in multi-core, however, there are data such as maximum frequency and memory that give strange results, so to straighten certain points you have to look at the test done with BAPCO, which shows data such as the use of 16GB of RAM at 7,500MHz (DDR5), a data storage capacity of 512GB and a screen resolution of 1,920×1,080 (1080p).

GPD Win Max 2023 at BAPCO

Although 1080p is considered the basic standard on PCs, especially when it comes to desktop equipment, It will be necessary to see if in this case they do not end up being an inconvenience in terms of autonomy. Data such as the size of the screen of the alleged GPD Win Max 2023, which in the 2021 model year was 8 inches, still remains to be known.

If the leaked data is true, everything seems to indicate that the GPD Win Max 2023 is on the way with at least one variant that will include an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU with RDNA 3 graphics, which in theory should give it an advantage in this regard over the Steam Deck, but we will have to see the price at which it goes on the market and if the use of Windows 11 does not end up being an inconvenience compared to SteamOS 3.

NOTICE: The cover image corresponds to the GPD Win Max 2021.

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