The next iPhone and Apple Watch could save your life in an emergency situation

Many consider that buying a Apple watch, Apple’s smart watch, or iPhone, the company’s phone, are an unnecessary luxury. However, cases have been known where these devices have saved lives, which appears to have become a priority for the company in Cupertino.

Last year, a man from the American town of Somersworth, New Hampshire, saved his life by owning a Watch, after having fallen into frozen water. William Rogers was skating alone on the frozen surface of the Salmon Falls River last Sunday when suddenly the ice broke and he fell into the icy water, he desperately tried to get out, but his efforts were in vain.

After several minutes of desperation, he had a brilliant idea: to alert for help using the function of the clock that allows calling the emergency services with the press of a button on the device, which made him communicate with the 911 in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, the uniforms arrived in five minutes and successfully pulled him out of the water.

The iPhone could save lives

Now we know of another interesting application that could soon come to these devices, it is a fall and shock detector. Various rumors suggest that next year the iPhone and Apple Watch they will be able to detect accidents, including car accidents.

The idea does not sound out of place, if one takes into account that some vehicles already implement a similar technology in which after detecting a collision an alert is sent to the emergency system or an assigned family member. In addition, from the Gizmochina portal, the Apple watch It is the world’s best-selling smartwatch.

This device currently offers various emergency options, such as the call ‘Emergency SOS‘, includes a heart rate monitor, a fall detector and an application capable of recording an electrocardiogram to obtain information about the heart rhythm and detect possible irregularities.

In addition, it includes options for monitor health, like monitoring how you sleep and then reporting your sleep trends over time, checking your blood oxygen levels, and monitoring your menstrual cycle.


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