The next Nintendo Switch could incorporate the next generation of NVIDIA

Incessant practically since the very launch of the Nintendo Switch, the rumors of the next generation of Nintendo consoles have been gaining strength over time. And it is that although the big N has not yet revealed any details about this console, there are some factors already confirmed such as the repetition of the hybrid console format, or the collaboration with NVIDIA.

In fact the latest rumors reach us from the hand of NVIDIA itselfwho has posted an ad on LinkedIn with a job offer being sought an “game console development tools engineer«a title that if in itself was not suggestive enough, is accompanied by a short description detailing that a next generation of graphical tools would be designed to help console developers easily access and implement the technology and NVIDIA GPU functions.

Additionally, it highlights the fact that NVIDIA is specifically looking for a special skill profile for «tuning/optimizing low-end GPU performance” to look at “allow developers to achieve higher and more consistent frame rates«. It is in fact this mention of maximizing the performance of limited power hardware that points to a console similar to the Nintendo Switch.

And the fact that we are targeting the next Nintendo Switch is not merely speculative. At the moment Nintendo has the only console on the market with NVIDIA silicon technologyusing the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and even new laptops like Steam Deck, some AMD SoCs.

In addition, for some time now we have seen the numerous rumors that Nintendo is preparing a successor console to its successful handheld console. Some rumors that have been fueled by the latest statements from the company, who has assured that they are currently developing a new generation, delayed by fear and the goal of “not repeating” the dire fate of the Wii U.

Thus, in the absence of official details, the new Nintendo Switch is expected to be quite a beast, equipping an NVIDIA Tegra Orin SoC configuration, a high-performance chip that is configured with a 12-core ARM Cortex-A78AE processor; Accompanied by an Ampere-based integrated GPUwhich would have 2,048 shaders, equivalent to a GeForce RTX 3050 Mobile.

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