The next Tomb Raider will arrive thanks to Amazon, do we have to tremble?

tomb Raider It is one of those sagas that are already part of the usual scenario of the world of video games. We have had it with us since 1996 and it has lived through different periods, although the last one is surely one of the best due to the quality of the titles that Crystal Dynamics came up with, thanks to a Lara Croft in survival mode which took advantage of the technical potential of machines like PS4 and Xbox One.

Amazon enters the scene

The fact is that after that trilogy survivor of tomb Raider, many thought the franchise scoreboard would be reset with other projects focused in practically the same way. Crystal Dynamics had found the way and it was simply a matter of following it. But then the unexpected happened, with Square-Enix, which owned the original rights, selling much of the old Eidos intellectual property to a conglomerate called the Embracer Group.

At that moment the heart of the most staunch fans of tomb Raider he stopped, before the abyss that opened under his feet. What will happen to Lara Croft? Would we have great games like those of other times? Well, we have good news: it seems so, that the continuity of the famous series originally created by Core Studios –until it was taken away by Crystal Dynamics– will return sooner than we could imagine.

Although suddenly a stranger has entered the room. A company known to all and that in recent times wants to be someone in this video game. Amazon has taken over the role of publisher and has announced that the next tomb Raider It will come thanks to your special support to offer, we understand, the best possible product. It is true that there is nothing else, but money and the desire to conquer a position in the industry are not lacking for those of Jeff Bezos, so we can now expect the best results.

What will the new Tomb Raider be like?

It must be said that the new installment of the adventures of Lara Croft has not revealed its title or anything similar (or so we think), so We do not know what period in the life of the adventurer we will have to relive. What can be affirmed is that it will be an exclusive game for one player, with its campaign and its story (hopefully exciting) as we have been able to see in that last trilogy that enjoyed enormous acceptance both from the public and from the criticism.

Tomb Raider ad.

Of course, we have been struck by the image used to make the ad and how the logo of tomb Raider it is not the same. We do not know if it will simply be one that they have designed to get by and break the news or if they have really decided to start a new stage that is visible from the first moment. Honestly, the first would scare us a lot while the second could come to understand it as a way of breaking (literally) with the legacy of the Square-Enix era.

Be that as it may, it is clear that in the coming months this announcement will be finalized a little more. Although, yes, do not expect an imminent release. How about 2024?

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